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iPhone Duo

No description

Courtney Slater

on 29 October 2014

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Transcript of iPhone Duo

iPhone Duo
Finance Required and Start-up Costs
Equity based
Total start-up costs = $376,700,000
Total equipment and capital costs = $16,100,000
First-Year Financial Statement (PNL)
Combined net profit of $317,200,000 for both models after the first month
Expected Cash Flows
Closing balance is expected to be $1,625,342,900 at the end of the first year of sales


'Ultimate Life Balance
Reputable Brand
Battery Life
Short Life Span
Enter an untapped market
Form closer relationships with networks
Competitor Prices
Network Issues
Direct competition with Samsung, Nokia, HTC, LG and Sony Xperia

Lack of understanding allows us to overtake competitors

Need a clear, simple and effective campaign

Address the issues of battery life, functionality and life span

Provide a product that knocks competitors out of the water
Billboard Advertisements
Billboard Advertisement
Target Markets
Career Focused
Frequent Traveler
25-45, Male and Female
Career Driven
Struggle to find balance between work and play
Earn around $75,000 or more
28-35, Male and Female
Travel for work and pleasure
Earn around $80,000 or more
Value premium products
Advertising & USP
Main form of advertising will be through billboard
Will have biggest reach and exposure
Will be situated in the CBD of all major cities in Australia

Our unique selling point 'We provide a lifestyle with our products
Make life easier
More manageable
The products do the talking

Our Product
Perceptual Map
Apple revolves around innovation
Identified gap and created a need within a large target market
iPhone Duo combining work and play in one phone
Success indicators include: high market acceptance, readily available information and high financial gain
Business Concept
Break-even Analysis
Finances Summary
Target Market
25-45, Male and Female
Want a balance between work and play
Earn around $75,000 or more
Value premium products
Career Focused
Frequent Travelers
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