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Rooftop Garden Box

No description

tim k

on 11 April 2016

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Transcript of Rooftop Garden Box

Planting guide
Raised Beds
Some of the benefits to raised beds are often used as they require minimal amounts of
tilling, and weeding.
They also allow for
better drainage.
Raised beds
The use of raised beds allows for longer growing seasons as the soil is warmer. They also allow for plants to
be packed more
densely and better yield
due to better soil quality.
Tips for a Garden Box
Here are some tips to remember when growing plants in a raised bed.
Large plants take up to much space
Plants that don't need a lot of space and grow quickly are ideal
Organization is key
Knowing how long different plants take to grow
Companion Planting Ideas:
This garden is designed for the growing of wine cap mushrooms together with dwarf blue curled scotch kale.
The Basics of Growing Wine Cap Mushrooms
For the next several weeks keep the wood chips moist
After a few weeks a white mycelium will begin to grow in the wood chips
Some of the plants that would grow
well with wine cap mushrooms are corn, raspberries, kale, bok choy, lettuce, and any type of salad greens often do well together with mushrooms. Kale also makes a great companion plant to things like beets, celery, dill, sage, onions, garlic, and a varied of other plants
Diagram of Raised Bed
Caring for your Garden
Here are somethings to remember when caring for your garden
Weeding is key to maintaining growth, when weeding make sure to remove all the roots so that they don't grow back
Planting more seeds than plants you wish to grow is often good as plants can die, after they sprout they must be thinned so that they don' t compete with each other
After first planting your seeds it is important to water them enough so that the soil is moist but not wet as over watering is easily done
When watering make sure to water close to the soil so that you don't rupture the soil as well make sure to evenly spread the water
Plants wilt more easily in the sun, this doesn't mean there dead but make sure that they have enough water and proper soil conditions
Rooftop Garden Box
The Basics of Growing Wine Cap Mushrooms
First you must remove a large amount of dirt from the middle of the bed(see step 2)
Than spread the wood chips to a depth of six to eight inches deep with soil underneath.
Next sprinkle the sawdust/wood chip spawn over the wood chips, making sure to get and even spread
Than cover the wood chips with another layer or two of wood chips and water till moist
How to Grow Kale
There are several things to
remember when growing
Dwarf blue curled scotch kale.
Make sure that your soil is
moist, loamy, and well-drained
Spacing when planting is to be one inch between each seed
Plant the seeds to a depth of 1/4 of an inch
Other things to consider are regular pH checks making sure the soil is between 5.5 to 6.8 pH. As well as having nitrogen rich soil is also advantage when growing kale.
To harvest kale start by working your
way from the outside leaves in, while
allowing for smaller leaves to continue
to grow. To harvest mushrooms it is best
to harvest them when they are small roughly the size of a dollar and the gills have turned a purplish-gray or black colour.
Square Footage: 580''
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