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My Filipino Family Immigration

No description

Tara Henderson

on 18 June 2018

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Transcript of My Filipino Family Immigration

My Filipino Family Immigration
Why Did They Come Here?
My dad and my grandparents came to Canada because they knew they would have a better future, if they came here. It was a lot of money though. It was hard for them to move because they were leaving all of their family behind, but it was not very hard for my dad, because he was only five. They knew that they would have better job opportunities, and so they would have a better life for their kids. When they came to Canada, my grandparents had two other kids, Michael and Allan (Uncle Mike and Uncle Allan).
What Did They Think When They First Got Here?
When they first got to Canada, it was very strange for them. They thought that it was very cold, strange and they felt lonely. It was cold for them because they lived on a Island in Milagros, Philippines, and it was very warm. It was also strange because it was very different from the Philippines. They also felt lonely because there was no family when they moved to Canada. They had to learn and explore it themselves.
How Long Did It Take To Come Here?
When they were immigrating to Canada it took them about three to four days to get here. They were hoping prices to get here would be reasonable, but they were higher than they originally thought. They first took a boat from the Philippines to China, and that took about two days. Then they took a plane ride from China to Vancouver, that took about a day and a half. They also took another plane ride and that was from Vancouver to Canada, and that took about half a day to get here.
What Kind Of Challenges did they go through?
The kinds of challenges that my dad and his parents had were, Language, Not knowing people and it being lots of money to get here. When my dad and my grandparents got here they didn't know much english, so they had to learn a lot. Also they didn't have any family here to help them around. They didn't know anyone. When they where planning to come here it was a lot of money they almost could not afford it.
All My Flags!
-My dad
-My mom
-My grandparents
-My uncle Allan
-My uncle Mike
Thanks for listening to my presentation about my filipino family immigration. I hope you enjoyed learning more about my family!
By Grace :)
When Did They Immigrate to Canada?

My dad and his parents immigrated to Canada in 1973. My dad was five at the time. They came to Canada for a better life and opportunities. It took them about three to four days to get here.
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