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Walk Across The Sea Book Report

No description

Lina Perry

on 14 March 2013

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Transcript of Walk Across The Sea Book Report

By Susan Fletcher Walk Across The Sea Introducing the Characters Setting This book is about 15 year old Eliza Jane McCully.It is 1886 and Eliza's neighbors are worrying about the the growing Chinese population.Just after Eliza gets advice from her Papa to stay away from the Chinese,a sudden accident happens.Eliza is swept into a high tide wave with her goat,Parthenia.A chinese boy is sitting on a rock.The boy saves Parthenia from being swept into the water.Then it all changes for Eliza.Are the Chinese really to be called "heathens" and be feared of?A few days later Eliza is sleeping upstairs by the lighthouse tower tending it.Mrs.Wilson(Mama's family friend)is sleeping with Mama to make sure she is safe with the going-to-be born baby.Just then,Mrs.Wilson lets out a terrifying yelp for Eliza.There is no doctor and the baby is coming out.Mrs.Wils-
Summary son is very anxious and gives quick instructions.Papa is with Dr.Wilson.By the time Papa and Dr Wilson are here,it is too late.The baby is dead and Mama is badly bleeding and is in a very bad condition.Mama goes to the hospital and Papa and Eliza are alone in the house with the other neighbors' help.But Eliza starts to think about the China boy again.How is he? Summary(continued) This story takes place in 1886,Crescent City,California. Main:Eliza Jane McCully
Wah Chung

In The Middle:Papa,Mama,Mrs.Wilton,
and Dr.Wilton

Supporting:Sadie Gump,Mrs.Calhoun,Mrs.Pemberton,and Amos About the Author Susan Fletcher was born in Pasadena,California.She currently lives in Oregon with her husband and daughter.She has wrote many great books such as the Shadow Spinner,Dragon Chronicles Series,and Dadblamed, Union Army Cow. Title Page This is the cover page for Walk Across The Sea.
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