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The Real Boy

No description

Isabel Butler

on 24 April 2014

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Transcript of The Real Boy

The Real Boy
At the beginning of the story, Oscar is lonely and doesn't have a friend. He is confused and doesn't work well with real people. After awhile, Oscar meets Cassie, a good friend and isn't lonely anymore. Cassie even offers to help him with his people problem.
Some new words i found were:
The Way out
Oscar in the Barrow
Oscar is the shop boy for what might be the most powerful magician in the Barrow, Caleb. The Barrow is a magical town near Asteri, the city of the shining people.Oscar lives in Caleb's shop, alone with his cats. Every day, he has to endure Wolf's teasing. Wolf is Caleb's apprentice.
Book by Anne Ursu
By Isabel
Oscar lives a small life, not connected to people at all. When Caleb leaves, things change. Wolf dies, leaving Oscar in charge of the shop. But strange things are happening and with the help of Cassie, another apprentice, they have to find the meaning.
Be Brave!
Oscar learns to be brave. Evidence of that is on page 43, where Oscar decides to open the shop, enen though he isn't very good with people.
That is why I think the theme of this story is Bravery.
Disquisition (The City on a Hill: A
) from page 77: a long discussion or essay on one thing.
Swaths (It wiped out whole
of villages) from page 179: A wide strip or area of something
Figurative language
some figurative language I found was:
A simile: "her voice like aloe
" .
The two compared things are her voice and aloe. this means that her voice was very pretty, because aloe has flowers.
Onomotopeia: "
. Yes. A small pile of bits." This is the sound of someone when they are thinking.
Hyperbole: "His heart seemed like it was going to give up on him and leap back down on the floor." this means that he was very scared.
Other books by Anne Ursu:
Breadcrumbs (one of my favorites!)
Shadow theives
The Siren Song
Thank you!
What would it be like to live in a world of magic?
A world where everything is dependent on the magic smiths...
and their shop boys?
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