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No description

Simon Machin

on 29 September 2016

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Transcript of KANBAN

A method to provoke evolutionary change and continuous improvement in existing systems
Kanban is not....
...A replacement for XP or Scrum
Does not specify
Dev practices
Or rather....
Start with what you do now
Commit to pursue incremental, evolutionary change
Respect the current process, roles, responsibilities & titles
Leadership at all levels
(The method)
Visualise Workflow
Limit Work In Progress
Measure and Manage Flow
Make Process Policies Explicit
Improve Collaboratively

Use models & scientific method
Theory of Constraints (Goldratt - The Goal)
Systems Thinking (Deming - Out of the Crisis)
Lean concepts (Toyota
Kaizen - Continuous Improvement
It's a state of mind - Being agile rather than just doing agile
Guidelines to get going with
Focus on Quality
Reduce Work In Progress
Deliver Often
Balance Demand against Throughput (Pull!)
Attack sources of variability (to improve predictability)

Not a SDLC
Useful resources
Websites - Using stats to predict delivery, 11 data points is enough!,category,Kanban.aspx

Anderson - Kanban (the blue book)
Deming - Out of the crisis
Goldratt - The Goal
Seddon - Freedom from Command and Control: A Better Way to Make the Work Work
Reinertsen - Product Development Flow
...and variability makes it much worse
Stop Starting
Start Finishing
Measuring flow provides feedback about your system (lead time is a useful KPI) - WIP limits and policies enable you to manage it
Why value slack?
High utilization
queue depth
What's a kanban?
A signal card
What's a kanban system?
A system which uses kanban to
work through each stage as it's required
i.e. improve the capability of the team
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