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Alexis Nicole

No description

Alexis Jefferson

on 29 April 2010

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Transcript of Alexis Nicole

Alexis Nicole Jefferson
born to parents Tracie and Alonzo Jefferson in the William Beaumont Army Medical Center on May 7th 1994. The Family Alonzo Jefferson
Tracie Jefferson Jamie Jefferson Pappy age:39
father to Jamie and Alexis Jefferson,husband to Tracie Jeffrson, best friend to pappy.
characteristics: Bald
likes:Playstion, McDonalds ice cream,and Pappy. age: 30 something
Mother to Jamie and Alexis Jefferson, Wife to Alonzo Jefferson.
Characteristics: stubborn,always right,caring,likes church.
Likes: Online chats, staying up late, vegetables, Bath and Body works, Staples, pens.
likes: playstaion, girls, Harry Potter,playing the flute,orange Hi-C,and Lil' Wayne.
Dislikes:anything other than "chicken fingers and fries",and getting grounded from the playstation. age:9
Likes: barking,attacking visitors,stealing food when people aren't looking, chasing squirrels.
Dislikes: car rides, hard floor surfaces, agressivness,not being center of attention.
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