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Writing an Informal Letter 4/5

Informal letter writing

Dan Leak

on 15 April 2016

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Transcript of Writing an Informal Letter 4/5

Writing- Informal Letters
To Who?
Main features to a letter
Let's make it easy!
Informal Letter
To Friends...
Or to family...
Informal letters are written to friends or family.

They use chatty and colloquial language.

Writing in a similar style to how you speak.
Opening Expressions:
How to start an email /letter
How are you?
How have you been?
How´s everything going?
I hope things are going well with you these days
I hope you are doing fine.
Hope you are well.
What´s new?
How are things?
Hope you´re well.

Thanking phrases
1. Thanks
2. Cheers
3. Thank you so much.
4. I really appreciate it.

5. You´ve made my day.
6. How thoughtful.

7. You shouldn´t have.
8. That´s so kind of you.

Making a request
Asking for something
1. Could you please.....?
2. Would you mind....?
3. I was wondering if......?
4. Could I ask you to?
5. Would it be possible for you to..?
Closing Expressions
Well that´s all for now.
Hope to hear from you soon.
Looking forward to hearing from you soon.
Send my regards to....
Take care/Best wishes/Regards/Lots of love from...
Stay in touch/Keep in touch
Bye for now
See you.

Final Word
Tomorrow we will be writing an informal letter to Michael Morpurgo.
What do you do when you finish writing anything?
Reread and edit!
Pretend you are in someone else's shoes.
In this section we use opening expressions and provide reason for writing our letter. We can also thank or answer a previous letter which we received.
Reason one is writing:
I am writing because.....
The reason I´m writing is because....
I wanted to ....
I would like to.....

Opening Expressions when we answer and
email/letter or commenting on something
Thanks for your letter.
Lovely to hear from you
I was glad to hear from you.
It was great to hear from you.
Sorry for not writing earlier.
I´m sorry to hear/learn,,,,
I´m so pleased to hear....
It´s great to hear.....
What wonderful news about.....
Hope you feel better soon....
Good luck with....
This is the most important part. Here you talk about the main subject and expand with details about the reason for writing the email.
For longer letters (100+ words) try to split the main body of your letter into two or three paragraphs. Information is much easier read if it is divided into logical sections.
1 & 2 are very informal. You use it when someone has done something small to help.
3 & 4 are more formal. You use it when someone has done something quite big to help.
5 & 6 is used when someone gives you a
present. We are saying thank you to the other person for thinking of you.
7 is also for receiving a present. You are saying that the other person is too generous, It does NOT mean that the person speaking is angry or annoyed.

1. We are so/terribly/very sorry...
2. Please don´t be mad at me..
3. How careless/thoughless/silly of me..,
1. Why don´t we ...
2. How about (ing)....
3. Let´s .....
4. Shall we .....
1. I want to...
2. The reason I am writing is because...
3. I would like to ....

Task 1
Highlight and annotate the features of the informal letter you have been provided

Task 2

Draft a letter which will tell your penpal about our class.

Who are you?
What year group are you in?
Where is your school? Not just Cassop but in relation to the entire country.
Who is your teacher?
Have you been to Spain? Tell them!
What subjects do you do at school?
Have you ever had a penpal before?
What is our classroom like?
Where do you play / what do you play?

West Boldon Primary School,
Hindmarch Drive,
West Boldon,
Hindmarch Drive,
NE36 0HX

18th November 2014
Hi Michael,
Hello Michael

Introduce yourself
Why are your writing?
Give a purpose

My name is ...

I am ... years old.

We have learnt all about where
you live and I would like to tell you
about where I live.
First paragraph
Closing paragraph
Main Paragraph
The closing often mention of how you feel about writing to them:
End with a friendly statement.
You may want to invite the reader to write back.
Don't forget to ask questions.
Promises of staying in touch.
Sign off
Warm regards,
Hope to hear soon,
With love,
Kind regards,
Best wishes,
All the best,
Bye for now,
Contractions, abbreviations and slang are all common
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