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New Room New Rules

No description

Maddi Hall

on 26 February 2015

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Transcript of New Room New Rules

New Room New Rules
BY- Maddi
Be very respectful of others and other things around you
At the end we watch movies
You may know how to work it, but let me do it unless I ask you
You will watch at least 5 min. of your movie
I will tell you when it is done.
New Room
Maddi's bedroom is the new classroom.
When you come in you sit down and get ready
Right away do the bellringer
Make sure to write the date in your planner
New Rules
You may either sit in the chair or on the floor.
Always have your binder with you in my class
If you are wearing your coat, and need to take it off set it on the corner of my bed.
Turn in things in the top drawer
Study Hall
Homework first
Have to read for 5 min. every other time.
You have to have a paper done before you can play
You may only do 2 papers per peroid
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