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Nova Scotia Race Roiots

No description

Rebekah Smith

on 25 May 2015

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Transcript of Nova Scotia Race Roiots

Race riot
Race Riot
Downtown Halifax
Cole Harbour High School
On July 18, 1991, two black men were jumped at an Argyle Street bar. Once the men got back uptown, it didn’t take long for word to spread through the community about what had happened.

On July 19 approximately 150 people, mostly young black men with some white males, went into the downtown.

They were out to deal with racist bartenders and bouncers, but the events that followed expanded far beyond that.

Fifteen people were injured in the riot, eight people were arrested, and the city appeared on TV sets and made newspaper headlines across the country.
March 2008 brawls broke out in the school prompting a lockdown. Two students were arrested, another two sent to hospital. The cause of this riot was race-based and resulted in 24 suspensions. Though the brawls only lasted one afternoon, some of the concerns that students and parents had in the 1990s were brought up again. These concerns were again brought up in April, 2009, when another brawl took place after a fire alarm was pulled. One student was sent to the hospital for treatment and several suspensions were handed out. Three innocent African-Canadian students were maced by police during this riot.
Thursday, May 21, 2015
Shelburne Riot
Nova Scotia Race Riots
On the 26th of July 1784, a mob of settlers stormed the home of a Black preacher in Shelburne, Nova Scotia, armed with hooks and chains taken from ships in the harbour. The confrontation ignited a wave of violence in Shelburne that lasted approximately 10 days. The majority of the attacks targeted the county’s free Black population. This riot is known as the first North American race riot.




Nova Scotia Race Riots
African Literature Based Off of Nova Scotia Riots
African literature has been influenced throughout the centuries by many historical events. A great example of this is a young black woman, Wanda Taylor who wrote a book called "Birchtown and the Black Loyalists". Wanda Taylor is heavily involved with youth in Nova Scotia, she wrote this book to teach the African Nova Scotian youth more about their history, the book speaks to the Shelburne race riot of 1784.
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