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Birthday Massacre

No description


on 4 November 2013

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Transcript of Birthday Massacre

Birthday Massacre
The Birthday Massacre is a Canadian
electronic rock band. They are known for producing unusual music, and often create songs under the genre of metal or indie. They originally formed their band together in 1999.
The members of the band were previously known as "Imagica" before they changed their name in 2002.
They have released 5 studio albums to date, with the addition of 1 live album, and 2 that are dedicated to covers and videos.
Members of The Birthday Massacre
(vocals & lyrics) (rythm guitar, producing, etc) (lead guitar)
Rhim Owen Nate
(drums) (keyboard) (bass)
Current Members
Why I love The Birthday Massacre
I love The Birthday Massacre, and they are one of my favorite bands. Their music is inspirarional to me, and I enjoy the style that it portratys. I like their genre, strongly relate to their lyrics, and just thoroughly enjoy their music.

I also admire the fact that they strive towards justice, not just as artists, but also as people. They support many good causes, and have genuinely helped people out in the past. For those reasons, I consider them a very unique and worthwile group, in both their music and morals in general.
Songs and Albums by The Birthday Massacre
Hide and Seek Pins and Needles Walking With Strangers Imaginary Monsters
1. Leaving Tonight
2. Down
3. Play With Fire
4. Need
5. Calling
6. Alibis
7. One Promise
8. In This Moment
9. Cover my Eyes
10. The Long Way Home
1. In The Dark
2. Always
3. Pale
4. Control
5. Shallow Grave
6. Sideways
7. Midnight
8. Pins And Needles
9. Two Hearts
10. Sleepwalking
11. Secret
1. Prologue
2. Lovers End
3. Happy Birthday
4. Horror Show
5. Violet
6. Red
7. Play Dead
8. Blue
9. Video Kid
10. The Dream
11. Black
12. Holiday
13. Nevermind
Violet Looking Glass Nothing and Nowhere Show and Tell (Live)
1. Forever
2. Burn Away
3. Left Behind
4. Pale (Kevvy remix)
5. Control (Tweaker remix)
6. Shallow Grave (Combichrist remix
7. Pins and Needles (SKOLD remix)
8. Shallow Grave
9. In the Dark
1. Looking Glass
2. Falling Down
3. Shiver
4. Red Stars (Lukewarm remix)
5. Nowhere (Instrumental)
6. Red Stars (Space remix)
7. Weekend (NYC77 remix)
8. I Think We're Alone Now

1. Happy Birthday
2. Horror Show
3. Promise Me
4. Under the Stairs
5. To Die For
6. Video Kid
7. Over
8. Broken
9. The Dream
1. Before Dark
2. Video Kid
3. Lovers End
4. Goodnight
5. Falling Down
6. Violet
7. Red Stars
8. Looking Glass
9. Remember Me
10. Unfamiliar
11. Walking With Strangers
12. Weekend
13. Horror Show
14. Kill the Lights
15. Blue
16. Happy Birthday
Facts About the Bithday Massacre
~Originally, their band name was actualy Imagica, which was inspired from the fantasy novel Imajica. They later decided to change their name to The Birthday Massacre, due to confusion with their name and another band.

~They used to distribute music online for free, and had a website with forums to interact with their fans on. Their songs are no longer free, but they are still a widely Internet-based band that has multiple websites.

~The members of the band all have revealed their opinions about social issues throughout interviews. They are known for supporting marriage equality, and also for trying to clean the enviornment on several different levels. Chibi (the lead singer of TBM) has also tried to help suicidal teenagers, giving advice for them not to give up. When asked on an interview what her best piece of advice was towards suicidal adolescents, she responded, "Just ride it out, because things get better."

~As individuals, each member of The Birthday Massacre has done their share of good for the things they support. Some examples of these acts are interviews done with Peta, volunteer work, etc.
The End
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