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yeast infections

yeast infections

kaneisha andrews

on 20 May 2011

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Transcript of yeast infections

Yeast Infections A yeast infection is a bacterial infection. Candidiasis You can get an infection when the bacterial balance of the organisms is altered and they grow too much or new bacteria is introduced to the area other causes include...
*low immune system
*stress Itching, swelling or soreness around the genital area, pain or burning when you urinate or have intercourse are symptoms that may occur if infected. if you are not sure what you have or it is the first time you experiance any of the symptoms see a doctor. some ways to prevent a yeast infection are
wear loose fitting pants/underwear
avoid feminine sprays
avoid scented tiolet paper
eat a well balanced meal
eat plenty of fruits, veggies grains, non dairy if not treated symtoms will become more intense, have a higher chance of spreading through the body. if symptoms are mild you can see if it clears up on its own
if you recognize the symptoms you can treat it with medication
see a doctor if you are pregnant and are infected. yeast infections are common in moist
areas of the human skin. 3 out of every 4 women will get a yeast infection at some point in thier lives. It is possible for men to develop symptoms after intercourse with an infected partner. A vaginal yeast infection is when
too many yeast cells are growing in
vagina. yeast infections may also occuer in the mouth also called (thrush)
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