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Facebook for libraries: hints 'n' tips

No description

Helen Murphy

on 25 February 2011

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Transcript of Facebook for libraries: hints 'n' tips

Facebook for Libraries Helen Murphy most of them, anyway your students are on facebook and facebook is EVERYWHERE there's just no escaping it it can be very advanced.... ...or very simple Trinity Hall it'll take forever and I don't have the time what if no one likes me? Be the library... ...not yourself Be ready for change what's your library's personality? not necessarily this much though (or very, VERY simple) facebook ISN'T static what would Steve McQueen do? have an escape plan first be patient well, it does have "book" in the title there's no "one size fits all" King James Library University of St Andrews July 21, 2010 "...If facebook was a country, its five hundred million members would make it the third largest country in the world..." Emma Barnett, Digital Media Editor, The Telegraph which means... you might reach new people or you might reach the same people in a different way how you use it is entirely up to YOU or will it? but what should I say? but how often do I say it? ...and who am I? ...have a strategy if you want, that is think about your tone, what kinds of things you'll post about, who'll be doing the posting, their frequency ...in advance and part of that strategy can be what to do when it all goes wrong Privacy do you know how many different combinations of privacy settings there are on facebook? 170 it's not just my privacy, but theirs too don't post anything you wouldn't write on your office door Nothing that you put on facebook is sacred Facebook is not for every library nor is it for every set of library users and don't expect overnight success The Dr Pepper scenario what's the worst that could happen? the students won't expect this calibre of humour from everyone WARNING: photograph of Simon Cowell look into privacy settings they're only 99% impenetrable and more usefully, there's lots of advice on www.mashable.com they won't be surprised to see us let facebook complement your website not the other way around use LOTS of pictures work out how you're going to PROMOTE it for example Remember facebook fan pages can be accessed, and liked, by ANYONE think again about promotion are you doing everything you can? and evaluate all the time remember above all but it might be worth trying to find out if it's right for yours and it's informal hem37@cam.ac.uk what you put on facebook is very public and it lasts forever but it'll be forgotten VERY QUICKLY
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