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David Jones

No description

simon jouary

on 20 March 2014

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Transcript of David Jones

Problem identification and analysis

Online presence

Financial environment

Wednesday, March 19, 2014
Case Study 2
"David Jones will bring the best branded department store shopping experience to everyone we serve, every time."
CEO, Paul Zahra set up an multi-channelled strategy (differentiation), with an estimated cost of $80 million.

Several measures has been taken from the new CEO:

Increase corporate revenues

Focus on core competencies

Establish a strong online presence

Created in 1838 by David Jones

Headquarters in Sydney

One of Australia's biggest department stores with 38 stores

Carries Australian and International brands of apparel, accessories
footwear, cosmetics, home furnishings,
and food

Previous CEO : Mark McInnes

Since 2010, new CEO Paul Zahra

10 000 employees across Australia
David Jones remained reputable from creation, up to 2010

Company's profits increased consistently up to 2010

The sexual harassment case of its CEO Mark McInnes has tarnished their reputation

David Jones strived to revive its profits without success

The tarnished reputation and lack of online presence has delayed the store's recovery process
Sexual harrassment case
by CEO Mark McInnes
Marred the reputation of David Jones
A trend of loss of profit
Lack of online presence in 2000
Implementation of online platform
Closed down in 2003 due to lack of profit
E-market explodes and David Jones
is outrun by online competitors
GFC hit advanced countries,
except Australia
Led to a strong Autralian Dollar and therefore consumers shopping overseas
Emphasied with online shopping and free shipping
Traditional Australian stores are deserted
Fierce competition in the retail market
Alienated key target audience
Considerably reduces its profitability
Establish a Strong Online Presence
Focus on Core Competencies
Brand image campaigns to restore the company's image
Increase Corporate revenues
Investing in new areas that have less competition (e.g Create a bridal boutique)
Negotiation with the suppliers for best prices
Negotiation with designers for exclusive products
Open 6 smaller stores in strategic locations
Create and develop shorter and sharper sale periods
Lure customers back into stores with creation of events
Select designer pieces only available from the online store
Develop David Jones app on smartphones
Enlist IBM to provide an E-commerce platform
Push for lower prices online thanks to 'price harmonisation' with suppliers
Organisational change analysis
Model of planned change
Scale of change
Typology of Change
Style of management
Focus on core competencies, positive approach
Positive Model
Use local designers, regain high reputation, set up 'price promise',
shared positive value from the board
Modular transformation
Major realignment of department
New ready to use online store
Lack of consultation with employees
Employees not involved in decision making
Information comes from the top only
Charismatic transformation
Participative evolution
Forced evolution
Dictatorial transformation
Incremental adjustement
Modular transformation
Corporate transformation
Do we agree?
Organisational Transformation
Keeping and regaining competitive advantages
Organisational Development
Paul Zahra has implemented
survival measures;

Increase corporate revenues
Focus on core competencies
Establish strong online presence

Reactive, Unstable, Chaotic...
Keep current strategies

Change style of management in order to involve employees in decision making

Plan long term restructuration in case of no profit improvement
Proactive, Long term, planned...
What do you think ?
Find a new CEO and get David Jones' strategy back on track

Accept the takeover from Myer

Resignation of the board
Do you know David Jones ?
Did you heard about the sexual harrasement case in 2010 ?
Do you think this case would affect your consumer behaviour ?
Do you think those measures will improve the situation ?
What would you add to Paul Zahra's strategy ?

Question ?
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