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Georgina Giles

on 13 March 2013

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Sport and Commercialism - Commercialism
- Sponsorship
- The Media
- Technology in modern-day sport The relationship between sport, the media and business THE GOLDEN TRIANGLE Commercialisation NGB's, agents and commercial ownership
- Many governing bodies have been forced to embrace the commercial world in order to compete in modern-day sport and continue to attract top performers in to their sport.
- Governing bodies and other organisations have become multinational companies.
- There are few opportunities for NGB's to use the media to promote more minority sports.
- Players' employment, contracts and sponsorship deals become controlled by managers or agents, seeking the 'best' for their clients Commercialisation continued... Media Business Sport Sport, Media and Business are all closely inter-linked. They all influence and effect each other. Media use sport to gain viewers to increase advertising revenue. Media us Business organizations to advertise their products. Business pay large sums of money to gain access to the huge consumer audience that views sporting events Media: Newspapers, magazines, radio, television and the internet Sponsorship: To support a person, organization or activity by giving money, encouragement or other help in exchange for favorable publicity or a commercial return Commercialism: An emphasis on the principles of commerce, with a strong profit motive -Commercial Sport
-Impact of sponsorship
-NGB's, agents and commercial ownership
-Performers and commercialisation Commercial sport is:
- Professional, high profile and high quality.
- Spectacle or display for spectators. Mass entertainment industry
- Goes hand in hand with sponsorship, business and contracts
- Increases sales and profits for the companies involved
- High level of media coverage Sport clothing and equipment firms pay large sums of money to sponsor teams and individuals. The individual will have to wear clothing with that companies logo to promote their brand. Impact of Sponsorships: Performers and Commercialism
- Many sports people have limited control over decisions about their careers.
- E.G. In the 2007-08 football season, striker Carlos Tevez was transferred from West Ham to Manchester United amid complicated bureaucratic wrangling that seemed to marginalize the player himself. Which sports lose out and why? Impact of media coverage on sport formats and organization Disadvantages of media coverage for a sport ADVANTAGES OF MEDIA COVERAGE FOR SPORT THE MEDIA - Raises the profile of the sport
- Raises the profile of individual players
- Raises participation levels
- May lead to more fixtures
- Increases commercial opportunities
- Helps to raise standards of performance through positive role models - Control shifts from the performers and NGB's to agents and TV companies
- Timing, frequency and structures may change
- Ticket prices increase
- Some players become negative role models - Rules have been introduced to speed up to game to prevent spectator boredom
- Changes have been made on the scoring of sports to create more excitement
- Breaks are provided to sponsors can advertise their products
- Competition formats have changed
- Timings of matches have been altered to suit television Characteristics of non-media sports:
- Lack of mass following by public
- Seen as less accessible to wider society
- Difficulty in understanding how a winner is found
- Seen as lower status
- Fewer role models e.g. can you name a hockey role model? SPORT TECHNOLOGY Impact of Hawk-eye Hawk-Eye is one of the leading vision processing companies in sports. First used as a broadcast tool to analyse decisions in Cricket, Hawk-Eye has since revolutionised sports broadcasting, officiating and coaching across a variety of sports including Tennis, Snooker and Gaelic Hurling. Most players, officials and spectators appear to love hawk-eye. It takes the sting out of continuous line calls, so helping to improve relations between players and officials while also providing an extra element of entertainment/ drama for the crowd as everyone awaits the computer's verdict Swim suits?! Speedo LZR racer helped 18 world records being broken in the World short course swimming championships.
Since has been a controversy about whether they should be legal or not.
Most spectators would prefer the best swimmer to win whatever suit he/she was wearing. Technology and coaching and officiating The digital imaging software Dartfish. for example, allows a frame-by-frame analysis that coaches can use to fine-tune performance and eliminate technical errors.
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