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Evian Presentation - Marketing


Gary Steventon

on 8 December 2012

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Transcript of Evian Presentation - Marketing

Why does Evian appeal? Recommendations Target Market Competitor Activity Brand Analysis Natural and pure French mineral water "Nature in a bottle"
Evian is a brand of Danone Groupe
[Insert stat]

Unique brand communication
"Live Young"

Product positioning: Objective, user focus

'Roller Babies' advert LIA 2009 gold award - visual effects
Advert focuses on "Live Young"
Embraced 'buzz marketing' 4P's

John's slide to sort out Characteristics - Health conscious individuals who want the best product for their body and understand the benefits of using Evian

Mother and Baby - Website promotes drinking Evian whilst pregnant and breast feeding due to its benefits

Marketing strategy - creates an emotional connection to mothers and how they want their child to be full of life

Brand loyalty at young age Physiological - Water being a necessity Safety - Assurance of drinking pure and
clean water Belonging - Part of a group that
drinks safe water Market environment Consumer behaviour Evian perceived as a 'cheap' luxury product

Women more health conscious in terms of quality of water they drink SWOT ANALYSIS Challenges Evian must face Continuing to Live Young Opportunities Many substitutes

Brand differentiation
Flavored water - Volvic, Drench
Sparkling water - Harrogate Spa
Artesian water - Voss
Charitable - One Water
Luxury - San Pellegrino Expand product range Ethical or charitable focus Product Focus Flavored water Sparkling water Vitamin water Hypotonic water Need to focus on STRENGTHS and WEAKNESSES of Evian's MARKETING STRATEGY
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