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My autobiography


Beatriz Curto Mateos

on 12 December 2012

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Transcript of My autobiography

Student of 2nd ESO My name is Beatriz Curto My autobiography Last summer... I was born 13 years ago, on 19th June in Salamanca. This city is small but it is very nice and beautiful. Everything is near and you don't usually have to use the car. I think it is the best city to live in the world. MY BIRTH I live in Salamanca with my father, mother and sister. She is 17 years and we go to the same school. We get on well. MY FAMILY I like doing sport. I go running on Mondays and Thursday. I usually go with my sister.
I also like listening to music.
I like pop music. Carly Rae Jepsen and Florida are my favourite artists. These are videos of them. My hobbies Last summer I flew to Bahamas with my family.
We had a very great time. I swam with dolphins
and sharks. It was a nice experience. I think that
that travel will be unforgettable for me and my
family. This island is very beautiful and very big
compared to my city. The weather was perfect.
We could go everyday to the beach.All of us
got tune. I would love repeating it. This is a
picture of it.
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