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The Three Levels Of Government


Sheeza Tahir

on 18 October 2012

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Transcript of The Three Levels Of Government

Systems of Government Federal Provincial Municipal By:Sheeza Natural
Resources He is the premier
for Ontario. Shared The Federal government duties are:
Banking,Social service,National defense,Military,International relations,Postal service and more!! Some Facts! Police Parks Tourism Schools These are the things that Municipal,Federal and Provincial government do and more! Schools Elections are only held once
five years. You can only vote if you are 18 or older. If a party gets the most votes
they get to be the part of MP. Natural Resources means:Resources that are naturally made,mot man-man made.For example if you lived in the woods you would use sticks,leaves whatever you can find to make a house. Municipal Government is responsible for transportation.Municipal government may not be in charge of large highways,small roads and tracks usually come under control.Mostly they are in charge of bus and train service. Susan Fennell This is our Canadian Flag.It was invented in the 1890s! Dalton
Guinty Provincial Government is responsible for schools,natural resources,providing safe drinking water,water supply,pollution control,license,s and finally social assistance. Parks Waste Management Public Transit Here is a fact Hi,my name is Sheeza
and this is my presentation for the 3 levels of government! I hope you like it! OK,let's start! There are about 3,700
Municipal governments
in Canada. Municipal government is responsible for parks,waste management,public transit,library,snow removal and more!!!!!!!!!! The federal government is responsible for national defense,foreign affairs,banking,postal service,criminal law and more! Post office Banks
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