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Allison Reynolds

No description

Lidza Cassamajor

on 4 April 2014

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Transcript of Allison Reynolds

Maslow's Description of a Self Actualized Person

According to Rogers and Maslow....
Carl Roger's Person Centered Perspective
Third-Force Perspective
Allison Reynolds
Personality Theory
Shy- She never really talks to others when she first comes to the Breakfast Club.
Seeks Attention-
She throws the contents of her purse out so the others can pay attention to her
Home Life:
Social Life:
Creative- As seen in the movie she can draw and used dandruff for the snow of her drawing
Of Allison Reynolds
"The unique attitudes, behaviors, and emotions that characterize a person"
PerSonality Theory...

Seeks to describe and explain how each individual is unique
How are groups of people meaningfully different from one another?
What are common attributes that all people share?

Ignored by her parents

She had no friends until she met the others in detention
She went to detention because she nothing better to do
Mcgill, Frank N. Psychology Basics Volume II. 1993. Print.

Meyers, David. (2011) Unit 10: Personality. Myers Psychology for Ap. (pp. 411-473). New York, New York: Worth Publishers

Weseley, Allyson J. & McEntarffer,Robert. (2013). Personality. Barron's AP Psychology
Erickson Development stages
Intimacy vs. isolation
Allison keeps to her self from the beginning of the movie. As the movie progresses she tries to find acceptance into the group by trying to grab their attention
Marcia Identity Theory
Identity Diffusion
Allison has not made any real choice in her life about her identity. She is not expected by her parents for anything and doesn't seem to have to choose choices.
Kohlberg Morality Theory
Postconventional Morality
Allison does what she believes is right. She choose not to smoke weed, lie for the truth and says that she will never treat the others badly
What is the Humanistic
personality Theory?
Some personality psychologists disagreed with the "negativity of Freudian theory" and "mechanist psychology" of behaviorism
Wanted to
emphasize free will and human potential
Less focus on "sick" people and more focused on the way "healthy" people strive for
self-actualization and self-determism
Pioneered by Abraham Maslow and Carl Rogers
They introduced
third-force perspective
People are inherently good
conscious evolution of attitudes, values and beliefs leads to self actualization with wisdom and confidence to guide their own life
Self-Accepting, open and spontaneous, loving and caring
Not paralyzed by others opinions
Secure in the sense of who they are
A few deep relationship rather than many superficial ones
Believed to reach self-actualization a person must have an environment that allowed them to grow.

For growth to be nurtured, the environment needs:
Genuineness- *dropping facade*
Acceptance-*unconditional positive regard
Empathy-*sharing and mirroring feelings
Who is Allison Reynolds?
Self-Actualization (Maslow)
She is
- Pixie Stick Sandwich, Dandruff snow, stealing
loving and caring-wants to listen to Andy's life
Not paralyzed by others opinions-
wants attention
but does not care what kind
She is
not self-accepting
- "compulsive liar" for attention and to get others to like her
No deep relationships
with people (until she meets "The Breakfast Club")
Her Environment (Rogers)
No Friends and Parents who ignore You =...
No chance to encounter genuineness someone close to her
No acceptance (she is a "basket-case" after all
NO unconditional positive regard (low self esteem and is forced to judge herself based on how she is perceived
Nobody to empathize with her
Allison Reynolds is creative, spontaneous, and caring but she is also extremely shy and self-conscious because she has always been ignored. Since the climate she grew up in has no genuineness, acceptance, or empathy, Allison tends to steal, make scenes, and lie to bring attention to herself and to find the condtions that were absent in her life.
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