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Letting your students grow!

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Pabs Castanheda

on 19 January 2018

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Transcript of Letting your students grow!

So where is Guatemala ?
Tucked between
Mexico, Belize and
Imagine let your students grow their knowledge in a safe international environment.
To learn from others.

Walking with a friend in the dark is better than walking alone in the light.

Helen Keller

The wise man doesn't give the right answers, he poses the right questions.

Claude Levi-Strauss

The name “Guatemala” is said to mean the “land of many trees,” and that is true. Over 300 micro climates would welcome you to enjoy your visit.
The country’s three types of
terrain include the volcanic
central highlands, the Pacific lowlands and the northern
plains of jungle.
Just as a coffee blend.......
Kafes Guatemala
We are a Guatemalan international coffee company that believes in adding value to the coffee field workers, by having access to medical clinics and to empower their education . We are committed to share this passion with other coffee local companies and plantations!
We can tailor the experience according to the University's trip budget, program's goals and objectives.
How can we partner with your University?
Let us partner with you in this journey,
to simply enable your students to learn , apply and interact with what they are majoring in with our culture.
From these airports:
2 hours from Miami,
3 hours from Atlanta
4 hours from Nashville
We know Universities are very interested in having their students be exposed to other cultures, languages and learning experiences.

It is very important for students to apply their knowledge in a safe environment and build their trust.

As an international coffee Guatemalan company we have access to over 40 coffee plantations in Guatemala.
*Antigua Guatemala is 35 minutes
from Guatemala city
Medical Students:
In each coffee plantation your
students can have clinics to treat patients and get
their know-how on a real clinic.

We have had business, accounting, communications,
agricultural and pharmacy students.

We have been able to find the exact match
for them to have a successful program but
at the same time give back to the workers
with their know how.

Students have diagnosed patients with HBP or
diabetes, and the patient didn't know about the
Now they are in treatment!

Your students are coming to share, teach,
learn and apply their knowledge.

Expose to a new culture
Cultural Immersion
As a local business , Kafes Guatemala does have specific goals as well for every team that comes, depending if it is a medical, agricultural, business or a blend of all . We believe it is every important to measure results and improve if needed.

As part of the experience
So when are you coming?
We are waiting for you
I believe as a businessman, kindness is my most precious legacy. We are a team of people and we are here to serve others, coffee is our tool to make it happen.
Pablo Castaneda / pablo@kafesguatemala.com
As only a freshman, I was blessed with the opportunity to learn, serve and experience the beautiful culture of Guatemala.
At the coffee plantation, we learned about the process of making coffee and how important it was to the Guatemalan culture. In addition, we were able to share our knowledge with the people. We were able set up a two day clinic to perform basic health tests such as vision, asthma and blood tests.

By teaming up with the local coffee taster, Pablo Castaneda from Kafes Guatemala, I can’t wait to return!

Kristen Koch
Exercise Science Major
Belmont University
Nashville, TN

Letting your
students grow!

Students will be so tired we will even show them how coffee workers take naps!
Let us tailor your coffee label and blend to raise funds if needed!
They will work on the coffee fields
as a new experience, by doing this they
empower the workers confidence and
admire their expertise.
But most important they will
make new friends!
We will procure as well that your students get expose and visit organizations of their interest.
Your students will learn how to cook real Guatemalan cuisine.
They will help the chef even to do the grocery shopping at the local market and experience the real Guatemalan life as well.
-There is 75 degree weather everyday and there are NO mosquitoes!
-Be able to help and serve others through what we had been learning as our major at the University.
-The creation of new friendships.
-New found respect for coffee and the process of making it with experiencing the actual picking of the beans. The human value of it.
-Finally figuring out and understanding what other occupations like Nursing, Pharmacy, Occupational Therapy, and Communications actually are.
-Experiencing and learning about a new culture by being placed right in the center of it all.
-The realization of how blessed we really are from where we come from. Gives us a new perspective on our own schooling, health, homes, and families.
Top reasons why YOU should come on the Guatemala Immersion Trip according to the students:
I had to jump out of my comfort zone on many occasions to try and think of the best way to manage a patient’s symptoms and medications… all while struggling to do so in a language I have very limited knowledge . Emerging myself in that environment taught me a how to think on my feet and quickly shift gears clinically from patient to patient. It was also very beneficial to work along side other healthcare providers like nurses and therapists. Working with these individuals provided insight into my own clinical knowledge and allowed me to learn more than I thought I would while serving the people of Guatemala.

I would recommend it because it shows me the future of healthcare, as far as being more of a team based approach to health care, and really provided an opportunity for growth clinically and spiritually.

Noah J. Ploegman
Pharm.D. Candidate 2015
Belmont University School of Pharmacy
Your Students will stay in very affordable and safe homes. You let us know how many students and staff are
coming and what
kind of budget
you have
for housing and

All the homes
have wifi,
cook ware and
every other

Datos importantes:
1. COFFEMED empezó de ir a comprar medicinas o pagar consultas médicas como un esfuerzo personal, a atender en 5.5 años a mas de 5,000 personas incluyendo darles de comer.
2. De un esfuerzo personal se ha vuelto un programa formal para Universidades en U.S.A.
3. Actualmente estamos trabajando formalmente de varias formas con :
Universidad de Belmont
Universidad de Liberty .
4. Actualmente desarrollando un nuevo programa enfocado a empoderar a los estudiantes:
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