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Social Media Marketing for Small Business

This presentation gives an overall view of the basics of social media marketing for a small business

Martie Rison

on 19 June 2013

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Transcript of Social Media Marketing for Small Business

For Small Business
Social Media Marketing
Set up personal accounts on desired networks
Get comfortable posting as you, so you will be comfortable later posting as a business.
How do I set up a Facebook page?
Why Social Media?
Where Do I Start?
You are now ready to use Facebook to reach your audience and connect with customers!
This page is pretty bare. We need to make it more attractive for our visitors.
Add the following to make your page pop:
Cover Image
From Plain…….
You will see your Admin Panel at the top of your page. (We will get into what that is for a little later.)
You and any other admins you assign to the page can view the admin panel. No one else can see this information.
For now we are going to click “Hide” so the admin panel is no longer in view. This will help you see what your page visitors will see.
What is All This?!?
Follow the tips from Facebook to get started. These tips help you learn about your page and all it can do!
Welcome to Your New Page!
Add your logo and the basics are done!
After you save your photo, you are sent into your page.
Logo Time!
When adding categories, you can choose more than one. Select categories that you feel represent what you do.
Here’s where you describe your shop and give a quick overview of your services.
Even More Details!
It is important to pick the correct category as it will help your fans find you in the future.

Today we are going with “Local Business or Place”
Select The Type of Page
If you do not already have a personal account on Facebook you will need to set up one.
To get started, go to a already existing page and find the “Create Page” button.
Set Up The Account
Let’s look at a page that has been up and running for a while.
The admin panel shows you how many people saw your posts and how wide your reach is.
You can also find your messages here (The identity of those who sent messages to this page have been removed)
You also have the option to invite more people to your page and other actions.
As you can see, you can pay to promote posts. Personally, I have not done this, free posts done correctly can be highly effective.
So, what about this Admin Panel?
……To Polish
Today we will be setting up a floral shop
When you select the type of page, you will then be asked to choose a category.
There are several categories to choose from, try to be as specific as possible.
You will also be able to enter in the business name and contact information.
Details, Details, Details!
An easy step-by-step guide
Facebook for Business
Martie Rison
Marketing Coordinator
Berberich Trahan & Co.

Creating your own content is best, but if you do not have time here are some links to help.
Just dig around online, you never know what you will find!
Where can I find content?
Instead of a image file named “643168.jpg”, name the file after what is in it. “Cute Bunny Flowers” will have a much better chance of showing up in an image search.
Throw your business name in there for good measure.
Name Your Images!
As that post travels around Facebook, so will your business name.

If someone wants a cute bunny bouquet, they will likely seek out Bloomin’ Buds Floral Shop. A quick click on your business name will take them to your page.
Get your name out there!
Post like you would to your personal account (within reason, lets keep it professional).
Share fun stories about the business.
Your followers have similar interests to you, share things that you would find enjoyable to read/see.
Interact with your audience like you would your friends.
People follow a friend, not a business.
Share fun facts about your industry.
Share the history of your business.
HUMOR is in right now. Find funny content that is related to your business.
Where can I find cool stuff? (I’ll get to that) 
Now lets wow them!
Let’s talk content!
I’ve got a page…..
Bloomin’ Buds posts a picture of a cute little bunny.
I see the post and share with my friends.
My friends see the bunny & share as well.
The more appealing the post, the more it will be shared.
How it works…..
Pictures of the business and products are
always a plus!
New Items
Business Info
The BIG Picture
Be authentic, the rules of relationships still apply.
Social Media gives the customer the power. When a someone advertizes for you it carries much more weight.
The Rules of Engagement
Nothing looks worse than a page that is rarely updated.
3 to 4 times a week is a good start.
Pay attention to current trends. Act on them.
Post Frequently
When people comment on your posts, they expect feedback from your business.
To not respond makes them feel that they are being ignored.
Are you listening to me right now? Or are you looking at those pickles?
We are a nation of skimmers. Images are important.
Posts that are long and wordy are likely to be skipped.
Posts with an accompanying picture to grab attention will be more successful.
Yes, you may have a pickle.
How do I grab their attention?
Lying to customers online will cause you to lose their trust.
Be Genuine, NEVER Lie
Never argue with someone online.
This could have been easily avoided by providing excellent customer service online.
Customer complaints online are your opportunity to shine.
What we can take from this
Take Criticism With Grace
Oreo = Social Media Rock Star
How did Oreo respond?
The rainbow cookie seen around the world.
Social Media Crisis Handled Right
“That Facebook post was about me. That picture is me. I can give some background on this if anyone wants to know. The basics are that my husband and I went to Boner’s BBQ for his birthday dinner. We were enticed there with a Scoutmob coupon (for $10 off) and we were the only ones in the place for our meal except for a brief period where a couple came in to get a pickup order. We paid in cash and yes, we left a tip. The ticket was $40 even minus $10 for the coupon + tax= $32.80 We dropped two twenties on the table and left. And yes, I did, politely, let the waitress know that the food wasn’t as I expected and no, I didn’t lick the plates or even eat all the food, that was my husband. He is far less picky about his BBQ than I am.”
The original customer comments
on the situation.
It just keeps getting worse….
Customer comes in, has a bad experience.
Customer posts a poor review on Yelp.
How did Boners handle this online? The wrong way.
Boners BBQ
Oreo did not respond to the hate filled comments directed to them.
The lack of retaliation knocked the wind out of the sails of the online complaints.
The problem is a thing of the past.
Interest fades
17 hours after posting the pic. 157,000 people “liked” the image. 40,000 people shared the image and 20,000 commented on it.
Some people were upset about the image, and called for a boycott of Oreo Cookies.
Support and Anger
This was a comment made to the last apology.
What’s this?
So that’s that right????
Another apology
Customers are horrified by the behavior of the business.
The Social Media Fall Out
They sought out the customers photo online and posted it to their page with the following comments.
Do not do this, ever.
View negative feedback as an opportunity to shine.
I am going to give you two examples, bad and good.
Bad and Good Examples
Not a very sincere apology is it?
But what’s this in the comment section of the apology?
Then an apology
4 likes? Who liked that comment?
Language Warning!
Establish you as an expert in your market.
Increase your online presence.
Help you to create an online community for your customers.
Generate new customers.
Why Blog for Business
Share your blog posts in your social media accounts.
Tell People About It
Where do I Blog?
Is Blogging Right for Your Business?
The “B” Word
Short & Sweet – 300 to 500 words
Use images
Industry topics
Numbered subjects, people like lists.
Guest bloggers
Tips for an Excellent Blog
There is no competition, only team work.
We will be more successful if we work together.
If we all do this, it will be huge.
There is No Competition….
New posts are hot
Toss them out for the next person
The more of us who participate the more our network grows.
Hot Potato
Find where your customers are hanging out online, BE THERE.
Find people in the community with “Klout”, market to them.
First Build Your Network
How we as a group can become a social media powerhouse
Networking as a Community
Facebook – Martie Lawless Rison
Twitter - @supermartie
LinkedIn - http://www.linkedin.com/in/martierison
Blogger - http://fatmartha.blogspot.com/
Google+ - “Martie Rison”
Pinterest - http://pinterest.com/martier/
eMail – martierison@yahoo.com
I’m Available if Needed
Have Fun!
Killer search
Super spy capabilities
Sweet Features
Don’t be an egg, profile picture is a top priority.
Do be yourself
Don’t constantly sell
Do interact with your audience
Don’t let your account be idle
Do be positive
Don’t skimp on the bio
Do’s and Don't’s
Quick Twitter Tips
Connect with customers 1 on 1.
Find similar professionals and learn from them.
Pay attention
Be a resource
What Can I do With Twitter?
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