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The Causes of the Vietnam War

No description

Delaney Lund

on 7 June 2011

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Transcript of The Causes of the Vietnam War

The Causes of the Vietnam War Table of Contents Slide one: Introduction
Slide two: Table of Contents
Slide three: My three main causes
Slide four: What was the Vietnam War?
Slide five: Who was involved?
Slide six: When did it take place?
Slide seven: Where did it take place?
Slide eight: Elaborate on cause one
Slide nine: Elaborate on cause two
Slide ten: Elaborate on cause three
Slide eleven: what if it never happened?
Slide twelve: Bullet #4
Slide thirteen: Bibliography
Slide fourteen: The end Three main causes:
To stop the spread of communism.
The French soldiers pulled out of the war and the U.S. felt they had to take their place.
The U.S. political policy was to support friend countries.
Historyplace.com 1999 What was the Vietnam War?
a conflict between North
Vietnam and South Vietnam When was the Vietnam War?
1964 Who was involved in the Vietnam War? North Vietnam
South Vietnam
United States of America
Peoples Republic of China
South Korea
WIkipedia.org May 2011 The End Where did the Vietnam War take place? Vietnam By: Delaney Lund The U.S. was worried about the Domino Effect where if one country in a region were to become Communists then the surrounding countries were most likely to become communists as well. vietnam was a French colony. After World War II the french hold on Vietnam was weak. Because the U.S. was helping France by paying for its military efforts in Vietnam, when France pulled out the U.S. continued to help. elaborate on cause 3: what cause is most important and why? What if it never happened? Bibliography: Pictures from Google Images. historyplace.com
Washington State History Book
Google Images Elaborate on Cause #2: Elaborate on Cause #1: President Kennedy stated that the U.S. had been "...granted the role of being the great defender of freedom." This statement guided White House policy for Vietnam over the next several years. I think the most important cause was stopping the spread of communism. After World War II all of the Allied countries believed communism was wrong. The U.S. got involved with countries that were threatened with communism. If the Vietnam War never happened then it would be very likely that Communist China would take over the entire country of Vietnam and try to take over other countries as well.
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