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Greek City-state- Megara

No description

emily riley

on 17 January 2014

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Transcript of Greek City-state- Megara

language and religion
Their language was greek, and their religion was to worship the Greek gods. The godess controlled nature and the shaped their lives.
City State of Megara
Daily life
They like to build gardens, teach their kids how to do things, sometimes when the king dies they chose a new one,they made pottery,and they ate food they could find and kill.
The Greek Military was fairly good. Some of them included Megara, Sparta ,Athens, Argos, and Corinth. Sparta was the best, therefore they won the battle. Megara was the second largest.
Greek City-state- Megara
First Medal of the Olympics
The Ancient Greek Olympics
Megara city state map

Megaras culture
The greek culture is pottery and building gardens and teaching kids how to be strong and how to hunt for food and things to make pottery.
Megara had a democratic government. Ancient Greek religion, the collection of beliefs and rituals practiced in ancient greece in form of both popular public religion and cult practices.
The olympics were formed by Tyrus. He was one of the greatest leaders. The olympics continued for 12 centuries, until Emperor Theodosious decreed, in 393 a.d., that the ''pagan cults,'' be banned. Megara first won in 432 a.d. The games consisted of running, jumping, and discus throw.
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