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Madison Roberts

No description

Susan Baker

on 1 May 2018

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Transcript of Madison Roberts

Maddi Roberts
Nuer Tribe
The Nuer tribe lives in South Sudan. Sudan is in Africa, where it's hot year round! The Nuer can get lots of resources from the Nile river!
Cultural Factors
The Nuer culture is based a lot on their cattle. They depend on their cattle a lot because if they don't take care of their cattle, the cattle won't be good to eat or sell. The more cattle you have the more wealth you have.
The Nuer get scars as sort of a welcome in becoming an adult. Different scars have different meaning to the tribe.
The Nuer are organized into tribes. There has been more trouble with the armed forces so Nuer are starting to get more involved with the armed forces. The Dinka and Nuer have been fighting for years. Because of this some places that provide water could be dangerous with all the fighting going on, so the children may have to walk even longer to go to a safer place to get water.
The clothing they wear is cloth with fancy traditional designs on them. Some have a sash with it. They call women attire toobs, they wear them to hang out with friends, go shopping, or even attend weddings.
The food they eat is very tasteful with lots of flavor. They start out with basic meal and and it gradually gets more flavorful as they grow up.
Depending on what season it is depends on where they live. The Nuer tribe only builds temporary houses or shelter.
Their flag colors represent different meanings. The Black represents the African Americans of Sudan, White represents peace, which many didn't have, red represents blood which was in lots of wars, green represents agriculture and potential, blue represents the Nile river and all it's resources, and the star represents unity within all the states.
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