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All About Me

All About Me

Shanon Reedy

on 1 November 2015

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Transcript of All About Me

Shanon Ehmke Reedy
All about me
My name is Shanon Reedy. I was born and raised in Moline, IL. I did my undergraduate work at the University of Kansas and my graduate work at Illinois State University. I currently live in Seattle, WA. I am married to Chris Reedy and we have two kids. Ella Grace is 11 and Ethan James is 7. We also have a dog named Max.
Who am I?
I work at Bellevue College managing their Bachelor of Applied Science programs in Information Systems and Technology & Data Analytics. Prior to that I was employed at the University of Washington in Seattle.
What do I do?
I enjoy reading, traveling, tubing with the family in the Cascades, and riding my bike. I am also the co-president for the PTSA at my son's school which consumes a lot of my time:) BK (before kids) my husband and I lived in Russia. We moved there for his job and I found work teaching English. It was a great experience.
What else do I do?
I worked at RU in the Stone College of Professional Studies as an administrator from 1998-2001 and then again from 2004-2008. I have been teaching part-time for the college since 2007. I have taught PLS 201, 302, 290, 390, 350 & 351.
What do I do at RU?
I am excited to teach PLS 350 & 351. These courses will allow me (and you) to dig deep in to some very exciting and relevant topics in the social sciences. I expect vibrant examination of the discussion questions and want you to think critically about the issues we tackle.
What is next?
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