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how they work

No description

Erik Agenten

on 4 December 2015

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Transcript of how they work

how motherboards work
All smartphones have a
motherboard and it stores data, processes data
and tells the phone what to do.
A smartphones main use is calling and texting. There are also other functions such as games, social media, taking pictures and much more!
how smartphones work
manufactures & providers
There are many smartphones manufactures and providers such as:
Thanks for watching!
how touchscreens work
price & quantity
A smartphone's can stand a 5ft.
drop without cracking the screen and
should never be left out
over 95 degrees and -5 degrees.
The display is made up
of hundreds of pixels and the number of them
depends on the phone you have. There are 2
main types of touchscreens capacitive &
resistive. Resistive touchscreens resistint your touch and the screen bends slightly the controller sees this and carys out the funchon.
Capacitive touchscreens have a layer of
glass and one has a flexible glass. The glass
has cooper in it and when a finger touches it
it touches the cooper and the controller sees this up and caryes out the action.
About 1 billion smartphones are sold each year. They cost $350-900.
Fake vs. real
There are about 41,000 fake iPhones made
a year and about 35,000 are sold.

Cell Service
Cell service is divided into hexagons called cells. There is one tower per cell. A phone is a full duplex device that means that two people can talk on the call at once.
It is to hard to explain the rest so here's a video.
screen shots
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