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Hosting a Prospective Student Overnight

No description

Marilyn Tagliavia

on 2 February 2015

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Transcript of Hosting a Prospective Student Overnight

Hosting a Prospective Student Overnight
Thank you for hosting a student for the JSC Admissions office. Your help enables future students to experience a night at JSC and get them excited for what we have to offer.

This is a brief training in procedure and appropriate conduct to help you through the night.
Be a positive role model. You work for the Admissions Office, so you already are- but be sure to continuously follow the JSC Code of Conduct.
What do?
Check in your guest with Residence Life when the RA office opens at 8pm
Clean your room! Have enough space for your guest to stay comfortably.
Put away anything inappropriate or any alcoholic beverages. Remove any possibility for this sort of conflict beforehand.
Talk to your roommate about what is expected of you by the Admissions office and how to aid in maintaining appropriate conduct.
Thanks for hosting a student for admissions!
Your Room
This isn't a time to be talking about partying or where to party at JSC. On that note...
Don't bring your student to parties!
(stay on campus)
You are responsible for your guest and their actions, so do not leave them alone.
Don't ditch your guest.
Participate in Admissions activities
If your guest brings substances, contact the on-duty RAs and then call Chris or other supervising staff.
Use your judgement to decide whether it is best to contact the on-duty RAs or Chris if you need help or if something to starting to become a problem.
Make sure that you inform your guest on the Quiet hours policy.
Don't be afraid to say no!
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