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Guru [Shared]

No description

Prezitime Design

on 29 May 2017

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Transcript of Guru [Shared]

Technology. Content. Data.
Cultural institutions (museums, zoos, aquariums) are spending $3b+ per year on advertising to get people in their doors. That $3b increases every year with diminishing returns. Guru leverages its mobile, AR and VR technologies to an enhance visitor experience and simultaneously gathers data about visitors and drives down museum visitor acquisition costs.
U.S. Museums spend
annually on Advertising/Marketing
museums in the U.S. (more than all Starbucks and McDonalds combined)
museums worldwide
Worldwide TAM is
850 million
annual U.S. visitors (2x combined attendance for all major sports and theme parks)
The Cultural
Guru is the only turnkey solution for cultural institutions that enhances their visitor experience through location aware mobile apps and simultaneously amplifies their business.
Smart Apps:
All of Guru’s apps use a proprietary combination of geo-location and bluetooth technologies to deliver content and experiences based on a user’s location.

Guru fills all of our partner’s apps with original content. We use audio, video, text and more to bring exhibits to life through storytelling.
Guru Provides
Guru’s apps include AR and VR experiences that create engaging and interactive learning experiences.

Ongoing Management:
Guru’s team continues to manage the app and its content for the life of our contracts so everything stays up to date as exhibits are updated.
Guru provides actionable insights into visitor backgrounds, interests and behavior.

Guru’s features and services are designed to increase donations, merchandise/concession sales, marketing reach, and increase the number of visitors to your institution all at once.
On average,
of museum visitors using Guru-powered apps
with the app at least 1 week later.


Guru’s app increased revenue for group tours by
over a three month time period in a recent implementation.
Measurable Result
Capture Rate:
Guru’s partners achieve capture rates up to
while the national average for museum app capture rates is 1.5%.

Engaged Visitors:
Guru powered apps are seeing average usage time of
minutes while visitors are in the museum.
NEA studies show that despite increased advertising spending, arts attendance in the US has continued to drop over the past 10 years.

At the same time, the Pew Research Center confirms that technology introduces a wider, more diverse audience to arts content.
Museums are: Boring. Old. Stagnant.
When surveyed, visitors tell us that they feel a deeper connection when using technology during their visit, and are more likely to return….
Guru is:
Fun, Interactive, Educational
What Museums Know About Their Visitors
Where they live

Where they were before and after their visit
What Guru
Knows About Museum's Visitors
Where they spend time in the museum

What they do while in the museum
Their’ income bracket and age
How they move through the museum
What their favorite
art/animal/subjects are
This Data Guru Collects & Delivers to Clients
Lowers the customer’s Visitor Acquisition Cost (VAC)
Increases the customer’s merchandise sales
Increases the customer’s concession sales
Increases the customer’s accepted donations
Influences the customer’s exhibition investments

Guru repurposes ad dollars designated for traditional and untrackable mediums such as billboards and buses for highly targeted ads based on the visitor data Guru gathers.
Guru's Model
Museums pays Guru
$1 per visitor regardless of download
5 year contracts
Average museum in our pipeline is worth
11 Customers brought to market
$100K+ MRR
Total existing contracts worth
Customer Economics
Customer Ecoomics
$22k Customer Acquisition Cost
$6.1m Customer Lifetime Value
100% Annual Customer Retention
We are proud to work with:

The Getty Museum
The Broad
Balboa Park, San Diego
Living Desert Zoo & Gardens, Palm Springs
National Hellenic Museum, Chicago
Missouri History Museum, St. Louis
San Diego Museum of Art, San Diego
Space Needle, Seattle
Polar Play, Scottsdale
Museum of Contemporary Art, San Diego
Battleship North Carolina, Wilmington
Battleship Iowa, Los Angeles
Chihuly Garden and Glass, Seattle
Great Masters Art Authentication, San Diego
Guru's Processes Are
Guru has created repeatable processes for content creation and customer onboarding

The average cost to onboard a museum is $30k and is accomplished in 6-8 weeks. Guru’s contracts have
85%+ margins
in years 2-5
Projected Annual Revenue
Cultural Partners
Guru is in talks with over
museums, zoos, aquaria, gardens and landmarks.
Product launched October ‘15
Accepted to premier incubator EvoNexus July ‘16
$100k MRR
Most Innovative Product Award
for San Diego Museum of Art App
$900k Seed Round November ‘16
Smithsonian Preferred Partner
100K+ Downloads
Won California Governor’s Award for Historic Preservation for Little Italy San Diego App
Guru spent the last 6 months optimizing our data capture and reporting capabilities.
For Museums:

Lowering Visitor Acquisition Cost (VAC) and creating direct ROI. Demonstrating this ROI should drive
explosive sales growth.
Use of
Market Opportunity
Guru has proven demand in the following categories:
VR (already generating revenue)
Hotels (already generating revenue)
Traveling Exhibitions
Cruise Lines
Guru is now seeking $5m in order to scale, make key hires and leverage our data
For Guru:

Generate additional revenue streams such as merchandise sales, donations and incentives. These new revenue streams represent millions of dollars per museum of additional revenue for Guru.
Guru projects that this investment will unlock revenue growth to
$50m annually within 3 years
Please contact pburke@theguru.co today and visit
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