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Mythology unit Greek Gods chart

No description

Terrace Benoit

on 3 May 2017

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Transcript of Mythology unit Greek Gods chart

Mythology unit Greek Gods chart
Terrace Benoit
English 2c
May 2, 2017

Roman name : Juno

Symbol : Royal sceptre

Domain : marriage , shy , queen of the gods
Roman name : cores

Symbol : sheaf of grain

Domain : grain , bread
Greek god of Zeus
Zeus roman name is Jupiter , jove

Zeus symbol is lightning bolt

Zeus domain of control is sky,weather, kings , fate.
Greek god of Posidon
roman name is Neptune

symbol is trident

domain king of sea , earthquakes , horses
Roman name : vulcan

Symbol : hammer and tongs

Domains : smiths , fire , metalworking
Roman name : liber

symbol : thyrsus

Domain : wine , madness , festivity
Roman name : mercury

Symbol : caduceus

Domain : trade, athletics, messangers.
roman name : minera

symbol : ageis

domain : wisdom , war
roman name : diana

symbol : bows and arrows

domain : hunting , wild animals , children
Roman name : mars

symbol : helm

domain : war , courage
Roman name : Apollo

symbol : lyre

domain : music , healing
roman name : venus

symbol : Eros

domain: love , beauty
Aaron J , Atesma. " Theoi Greek Mythology
Theoi project copyright 2000-2017
february 2 2017
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