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The 5 Paragraph GED Essay

Planning, structuring and writing

jay guz

on 6 June 2014

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Transcript of The 5 Paragraph GED Essay

Writing a 5 Paragraph GED Essay
1. Begin by reading the prompt or topic
Everybody has something they are good at. Describe talents or qualities you have and how they would make you good at a specific career. Use specific examples and details to support your essay.
2. Use a graphic organizer to create an argument or thesis
The thesis answers the question the prompt is asking
One talent I have is that I'm am good at multitasking. Being a good
multitasker would make me good at being an EMT
drive the ambulance
deal with patients
perform medical
3. Come up with 3 reasons that support you thesis or argument
4. Describe and give example of each support
Planning Stage
good sense of direction
watching the road
looking for traffic
drive quickly
drive safely
talk on the radio
patients can be upset
talking to patients
taking vital signs
keeping them calm
finding out what is wrong

doing CPR
taking blood pressure
taking pulse and
watching clock
5 Paragraphs Essay Structure
a preview (short mention) of each support
The intro has 3 parts
The essay is made up of 5 paragraphs shown in green
reviews of support
developed explanations of the support
Each body has 2 parts
final thoughts
The conclusion is similar to the intro
One quality I have that would make me a great EMT is my ability to multitask. Being an EMT is a high stress job that requires a person to do many things at one time. Being able to multitask would allow me to be a good ambulance driver, help me deal with patients and help do medical procedures.
When you are driving an ambulance you have to be able to multitask. In addition to watching the road you have to talk on the radio while you are an EMT. My ability to multitask would help me to concentrate on traffic lights, other cars and pedestrian in addition to getting directions on the radio to the location of the emergency.
Another way my ability to multitask would help me as an EMT is when I would work with patients. When an EMT arrives to the scene of an emergency he will have to talk to the patient and also determine what is wrong with the patient. This might include asking the patient question about what is wrong with them. In addition an EMT would have to do things like take blood pressure and listen to a persons’ pulse. Taking someone’s pulse requires you to listen to his or her heart beat while paying attention to time. Doing both of these activities would require my multitasking skills.
Finally, an EMT has to perform difficult medical procedure on patients. This would require a person with good multitasking skill like me because medical procedures can require you to do more than one thing at a time. An example of this might include taking someone’s pulse. When an EMT takes a person’s pulse he has to count the patients heartbeat and look a clock to watch the time. As a great multitasker I think I’ll easily be able to do this.
Being an EMT requires a person that can multitask in various situations and I think I have what it takes to do it. Whether it’s dealing with patients, driving an ambulance or doing medical procedure I would put my talent to good use. I’m looking forward to the day I begin my career as a multitasking EMT.
The Essay
topic or prompt
the question being asked
thesis or argument
your answer to the question
reasons for your answer
quick mention of supports in the intro
previews of support
topic sentence
a sentence containing a support that explains what the body paragraph is about
transition words
one way, another example, one final thing
quick mention of supports in the conclusion
general info about the topic
the thesis
the intro
body 1
body 2
body 3
set the first line of a paragraph in
a topic sentence containing the support
restate the thesis
restate supports 1,2 & 3
General Info.
Include some general info about the topic. This should be information that everyone can agree on about the topic.A good way to start a sentence with general info might be:
"everyone can agree.....,
we all know that...,
it has always been the case...."
Final Thoughts
Close with some final thoughts. This could be your predictions for the future, some wise words about the topic or advise to the reader. A good way to start a final thought might be:
Some day in the future......
If everyone........
A wise man once said...
Do's and Don't
Be creative and draw on personal experiences.
Don't be too obvious and say things like
In this essay I will....
The topic of this essay is...
I have shown....
The 5 paragraph essay
Some teachers say students should not be taught the 5 paragraph essay,that it does not reflect the way the real writing, such as a college a research paper or newspaper article is written. They say its form is so restrict that it prevents students from being creative in their writing. Others say that it provides a good basic structure to teach some of the fundamental rules of writing. They say some of these rules can be broken, but it is important to understand them first.
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