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Digital Woe or Digital Wow?

Kim Voullaire

on 31 July 2013

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Transcript of REMAX

Peter Brewer
Are YOU building relationships ?
*Targeted email? *Bulk email *Is it about 'Me'?*Are YOU 'connecting' or 'taunting'?

Consumer's expectations have changed
Have we changed to meet them?
Tread Carefully!
It's SOCIAL Media
it's no longer what the girl does when she's finished her real work
What's your personal and company strategy and policy to embrace today's webconomy?
You do have one right?
Would I employ you based on your digital footprint?
Is the information shared valuable to your community?
Is your website working for you? Or against you?
Are you driving people to your desired destination?
...your website...
Identify Your Message
Social gives you the tool to
reach your new markets and
to spread the word,
be clear on what your message IS
Create a Calendar

Be religious with content
The Goal
Apply a Resource
- Time
- People
- Money

Create Your
- Social , Website and Footprint
- Determine Content and Calendar
- Build Content
- Set a 'Go' Date
Measure it - Tweak it
- Be consistent
- Be on message
- Remember - People Buy People

Find someone who can show you what you need to know

*You can have Digital Wow!*

#Digital Wow or Woe
Open rate on email
is less than 10%
Snail mail 'might' be
ok if it's relevant
& valuable.. 'maybe'...
(it's usually not)
The One Constant We Know
Who's your consumer?
Imagine a world
without email
or snail mail
*Community Content is King!*

*People Love It

*Google Love It!

Fight where you can win

What could we video?

What's the barrier?


Market Updates
Personal Profile

The new (and older) generation connect online...

Stop 'Selling' and Start Connecting..
92% trust
Word of Mouth
over glossy print ads
& glitzy radio ads
The Social Opportunity
Low Cost

High-Impact & Amplified Message

*Build relationships with community

Add Value!

Be about Community

Stop Selling!

Make a Friend today - Do a Deal Later

*Trusted Local Advisor*
Grow your
Social Community

- Mailouts
- Contests
- Facebook Ads
- Rewards
- No more 'date nights'
Identify Your Markets
Drive people to where you want them to be, and give them what they want when they get there!
Massive upsurge
in online use
social media
The keys of success today are not the same keys of success as yesterday
Things have changed and if you can't help me... I'll find someone that will!.. Hopefully..
41% of agent's don't respond to email, could be more!
Catcha later
What's going on?

No addresses?
No prices?
People Buy People
WHY aren't WE treating PEOPLE like PEOPLE?
Should we compete on 'search'?
Your Name Real Estate
Your Name Suburb
Your Name
Suburb Real Estate
Where do you rank for:
Your online channels
should be keeping you
on page 1 of Google
create your digital footprint
What's Your Wow?
Are you social networking?
Or social NOTworking?
Social Offline
Social Online
Do you know Realestate?
She doesn't look like a Realestate.
I'm sure she's a really nice... um...
Looking for Craig Johnston?
Or DavidDean RealEstate?
Is Rudyg's middle name really "Realestate"and his last name "Guru"? In fact is his first name really "Rudyg"?
Listings Aren't Social.
Don't be a digital magpie...
Pick 2 Channels - quality over quantity

Don't do it all!
Social is a tool, it helps YOU build relationships if you use it right.
Be Consistent
realestate.com listing upgrades
does your website suck
should you have a website and what's its goal?
hyperlocal - social hub
discuss what value you put on your own website
Who'd have thought 10 years ago you'd be paying this
won't be replaced by

by agents who
Your Goal!
Raziel Unger
Brian Copeland
The Age of Digital Warfare!
People Buy People?..
In a world of change..What's Your

Seduce me all year!
Real Estate Agents won't be
replaced by technology...
but they will be replaced by Real Estate Agents who effectively use technology.
0417 630 962
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