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No description

rayna sahyounie

on 15 February 2014

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Transcript of THE JANOSKIANS

Beau Peter Brooks. Age 21. Born July, 31st 1993. Favorite food is Spaghetti bolognaise and taco's. Favorite color is red. Favourite song is the cave by Mumford and sons. He loves girls with nice eyes.
His favourite sport would have to be AFL. His hobbies include acting, soccer and gym. He likes hanging out with mates and making YouTube videos with the janoskians. Dislikes the crazy old man who hits skip in Coburg. Favourite subject at school was drama.
The Janoskians = Just, Another, Name, Of, Silly, Kids, In, Another, Nation. (Skip).
5 boys from Melbourne, Australia. Beau, Skip, Jai, Luke and James. They have 2 singles called "Set This World On Fire" and "Best Friends."
Daniel Sahyounie. Age 20. Born October, 31st 1994. Favorite food is Lasagne. Favorite color is red. Likes girls with good personality. loves Soccer, filming, going out with mates. Dislikes haters/jealous people! Likes any new music.
Jai Brooks. Age 19. Born May, 5th 1995. Favorite food is Lasagne. Likes R&B, usher, Bruno mars, Chris brown, neyo, Jessie j, Justin Bieber, Michael Jackson. Likes girls Personality, what they wear, eyes. Enjoys Social media, drawing, sports-playing and watching. Likes Music, sports. Dislikes spiders and school sports.
Luke Luke Anthony Mark Brooks. Age 19. Born May, 5th 1995. Favorite food is Spaghetti Bolognaise. Favorite color is blue. Likes A wide variety of different genres, mainly RnB and acoustic music. Likes girls who are Funny, nice, cute, self respect. Likes Sport in general, socialising with friends, socialising on Facebook, music. Also likes Animals, sport, music, making videos. . Dislikes Bullies, Iphone battery under 50%, school.
James Anthony Yammouni. Age 18. Born February, 27th 1996. Favorite food is Warak eneb- its Arabic food that's wrapped in vine leaves. Favorite color is blue. Favourite type of music is pop/RnB such as One Direction, Sarah DeBono music and Faydee or kickback songs such as Ed Sheeran. likes about girls is her confidence and her natural beauty, when she has self respect and doesn't do what people pressure her to do. like to do my homework :P ahahha. likes to see friends and family as much as he can and live my life to the fullest as much as he can because you never know what will happen tomorrow, you might be good one day and dead the next. Dislikes his sisters cooking, and he dislike people hating on his fans because to me they are his life
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