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Sailor Moon

No description

Jayani Patel

on 9 January 2013

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Transcript of Sailor Moon

Obstacle 1 Obstacle 2 Obstacle 3 Why Might Sailor Moon Be Motivated To Help Others? Why is Sailor Moon my heroine? She never gives up
She always wants to go the right way
she always has corage
She believes in herself and everyone around her
She wants everyone to know that being different is the best thing you can ever be How Might Sailor Moon Respond To The Challenges She Faces? Sailor Moon is destined to protect her future planet, since her current planet got destoryed. Her future planet is Earth. The reason why is because she has to marry the Earth prince.Seeing her people suffer is what she hates the most.She doesn't ant the same damage to happen to her home Earth.Sailor Moon as a warrior has sworn to defend the Earth even if it means giving up her life. Sailor Moon My Heroine By: Jayani Patel What Actions Does My hero Make That Are Heroic? Sailor Moon is a brave warrior. She is very royal to everyone she meets. In one episode, Sailor Moon would've killed herself just to save the life of someone who is so close to her. Sailor Moon can put herself in danger but she never puts anyone else in danger.When it comes to danger, she never wants to give up, she believes in herself and everyone. In the intire series of Sailor Moon, Sailor Moon has never killed anyone. She turns evil into kind hearted beings.Every time Sailor Moon is willing to do something that involves putting herself in more danger, she gets stronger just by using words and facing her fears. How Might Sailor Moon have An Impact On me? Sailor Moon to me is an inspioring person because she has made me realize just how important it is to believe in yourself and that if I try I may be accomplish just about anything! Also, I realize that just having the feeling or self confidence, my self-esteem increases, this gives me a better oppertunitiy to accomplish what I have started.For example, sometimes I may not understand y homework so I feel like giving up on it, but now if I really try to learn it or if i really want to I'm capable of doing it.I also realize that I can't be someone else because everyone is totally different, in other words it would be really boring if everyone were to be the same.Sailor Moon has changed my life and I'm really thankful to her! Sailor Moon Says: To overcome obstacles you have to never give up and face your fears. How Might People's Lives Be Different Because Of Sailor Moon? The way Sailor Moon acts has a huge impact on Sailor Moon's viewers, because Sailor Moon shows how she can come over every obstacle with the help of her friends.In my opinion, Sailor Moon ask for help when she needs it the most, she is showing her viewers that it is ok to ask for help but sometimes you have to try it yourself, all you have to do is believe that you can do it. Sailor Moon is like any other person, she has some problems that you may be facing and need advise on Sailor Moon can tell, not only that but show you how to fix that problem.Everyone needs someone to guide them let Sailor Moon or your family help you. Sailor Moon Says: Believe in yourself and follow your heart to the right path. Sometimes you need help all you have to do is ask. Your never alone Every choice you make impacts your future. The End end Sailor Venus says: Sailor Moon is genuine, she has a different style of saving the day. Instead of face to face battle, she helps the enemies problem and helps prevent it from occuring again. She doesn't care what others think about her as long as she knows that she is right.This method is called following what you feel inside and listening to it.This wipes the sorrow of her enemies and turns it into joy on top of that they become good friends.She helps her enemies realize that by doing bad things they are gaining nothing.People now a days need help in problems like bullying, Sailor Moon show how to make friends with people who she dislikes. I will never give up and in the name of the moon I shell punish you!
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