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The Story of Nehemiah

No description

Steven Baley

on 8 May 2017

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Transcript of The Story of Nehemiah

The Story of Nehemiah
The Background
I. Persia
Nehemiah's Request and Return
I. The Problem
Nehemiah and the Rebuilding of the Walls
Nehemiah and the Rebuilding of the People
I. Threat
A. Ezra and Nehemiah take place at the end of the Persian Golden age
B. This was a time of relative peace in Persia
II. Artaxerxes
A. Cyrus allowed the first group of Israelites to return- Ezra 1:1
B. Zerubbabel becomes the 1st leader of the restored Judah and they rebuild their temple in Jerusalem
C. Unfortunately Jerusalem does not get their city walls rebuilt which leaves they open for constant attack- Nehemiah 1:1-4
D. Nehemiah holds the prestigious role of the king's cupbearer
E. After 4 months of prayer, fasting, and planning the Lord opens the door for Nehemiah to share his concerns with Artaxerxes
II. The Request
A. Nehemiah had planned out what he needed to accomplish the task of rebuilding the walls
B. Artaxerxes granted Nehemiah's request, financed the purchasing of the materials, and sent Nehemiah under his protection
III. The Return
A. Nehemiah returns and inspects the cities ruined wall
B. His return and plan angers a few local rulers
C. He pronounces his plan to the people
A. Various groups of people, who profited off the plundering of Jerusalem organized in order to fight and cause confusion
B. The Israelites began to fear
C. Nehemiah encouraged the people and developed a system where workers took turns building and guarding. Plus they had a trumpet alarm system set up when help was needed
I. Dealing with exploitation
II. Trickery
A. The enemies tried to trick Nehemiah into meeting with them outside the walls
B. No amounts of taunts or threats caused Nehemiah to budge. He simply asked God to take care of things
A. The wealthy (who refused to help & had kept good relations with the enemy) broke Mosaic law and made a profit off the poor by charging interest on loans
B. The rulers were also levying food taxes on the poor
C. Nehemiah ended both unlawful practices
II. Celebrating completion
A. The walls were rebuilt in 52 days!
B. While the many people are gathered at the Watergate Ezra reads the law
III. Revival at the Watergate
A. The people wept and repented of their sins because they realized how far they had strayed away from God's holy law
B. The people sacrificed and made oaths to give their lives over in worship and to live pure lives
IV. Nehemiah's final reforms
A. After reporting back to Artaxerxes Nehemiah returned
B. He promptly dealt with more violations of God's law including Sabbath violations and the marrying of pagans
(originally named Cyrus though not related to Cyrus the Great)
A. Described as
and noble
B. Financed Ezra's return to Jerusalem
means "long-armed" because his left arm was longer
C. Practiced Zoroastrianism
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