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The Medal Of Honor

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lib hist

on 14 September 2015

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Transcript of The Medal Of Honor

The Medal Of Honor: Jadeen Pilger, Jordan Mills, Nyasha Velez
Robert F Foley
Robert F Foley was awarded the medal for conspicuous gallantry and intrepidity in Vietnam as a captain, helping two wounded radio officers to an area for medical support despite putting himself in danger and then continued to show outstanding leadership throughout the battle, leading his troops to victory.
Edward C Benfold was doctor in the navy and sacrificed himself and ran out of protected areas to help 2 wounded soldiers. When camp was attacked he ran to help many soldiers and found a area to treat them and 2 attackers through grenades near himself and wounded solders he picked them up and through them at enemy soldiers.
William L Mcgonagle showed honor and sacrifice by his honor and sacrifice. Israeli defenses injured him and killed his fellow soldiers, he maintained the ship while injured until helped arrived.
Kyle Carpenter is the youngest person to earn the medal of honor. He threw himself in front of the grenade to protect his fellow marine.
Charles G Abrell

Charles G Abrell earned the award for conspicuous gallantry and intrepidity posthumously, giving his life in battle by throwing a grenade along with himself, allowing his squadron to escape
Edward C Benfold
William L Mcgonagle
Kyle Carpenter
These heroes are common in the way they served, each sacrificing their own safety in the name of others, some giving their lives in the process. They also all took charge of their situations, showing great leadership.
The award winners also have differences, for instance not all of them won their battles, but rather held their position till it was safe to evacuate. Unfortunately , not all of them are with us today, as they paid the ultimate price in battle.
Its fairly humbling researching this project, reading about individuals risking their lives for their friends and country, working against the odds in the heat of battle. It's very interesting to find out about these heroes and their individual stories. The fact that there are people who have lived through this is eye opening, showing that everything comes at a price. Even though you yourself might ot pay it, someone somewhere does.
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