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How To Save A Life- Sara Zarr

No description

Charlee Hannam

on 21 February 2013

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Transcript of How To Save A Life- Sara Zarr

How To Save A Life Sara Zarr Plot: Train Station
Dr. Visits
R.J. & Dylan
Hospital Characters: Conflict: Jill MacSweeney
Only Child
Lost Father
Dark & Twisted Man vs. Man Pages: 341 Author Information:
Raised in San Francisco, CA
Lives with husband in Salt Lake City, UT
Book writer Setting: Other Books:
Once Was Lost, Sweethearts, and Story of a Girl
(back cover) Denver
Modern Times "Robin's house is like a house you see on a TV show. Like a mansion. In her emails she called it an old Victorian that she and her husband had "fixed up a little." It's nicer than any house I've been in, with two fireplaces and a formal dining room and a polished wood staircase and darker wood floors. And I haven't even seen the upstairs yet."(Zarr 30). Genre: Modern Could happen now. Mandy Kalinowski
Only Child
Pregnant Robin MacSweeney
One Child
Hard Working
Lots of love Main character Could relate to Jill Mad at the world Sad about her Dad Pushed friends away One of my favorite's Common related things Main Character Petite-Blonde-Blue clear eyes Socially awkard Strong Pregnant Liked Young & Naive Minor Grieving Not my favorite Thoughtful Mandy lied
Robin was grieving
Jill confused Jill trying to help
Boy troubles
Didn't know what was right Mandy had family troubles
Worried Point of View: "I reach back into dress pocket and close my fingers around the watch. Today I need it with me, close, to remind me that I can decide what I want. Nothing is settled yet. And no matter what happens, I never have to go back to my mother." (Zarr 148). Mood: Sad
Happy "There's music playing and, underneath the music, something else.
"Are you crying?" I ask through the door,
She doesn't answer, so I turn the knob and push the door open. Jill is sitting on the floor, in the corner between the bed and the closet, her back to the wall and her head down on her knees. Fingers in her hair. Every couple seconds, she clenches them.
It's sad, how alone she looks." (Zarr 71). "And that's how I belong to her and she belongs to me and we all belong to each other and I'm home." (Zarr 334). Theme: Circle of Life Mac died
Robin wanted a baby Implied Overall Impression: Very good
Describing and Modern Connected
Only child- New Family
Father's death Rate: 9
Needs better ending "As we drive in the rental car out of Omaha and into the country, where it's just acres and acres of green, I put my hand out the window. Life is always moving forward, forward, forward. Relentless. If someone offered me a time machine right now and I could go back to before my dad died, I would, of course, if only to see if I could save him. But then I'd want to come right back here, to face the next unknown moment and the next and the next." (Zarr 340). 1st
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