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Air Cadet Quiz

No description

Adam Batal

on 4 December 2013

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Transcript of Air Cadet Quiz

What rank does the picture show?

Cadet Warrant Officer
Flight Sergeant
Q4) Which of these classifications are in the correct order of lowest to highest.

First Class Cadet, Leading Cadet, Senior Cadet, Master Air Cadet
Master Air Cadet, Senior Cadet, Leading Cadet, First Class Cadet
First Class Cadet, Senior Cadet, Leading Cadet, Master Air Cadet
Leading Cadet, Senior Cadet, Master Air Cadet, First Class Cadet
Q7) Who is affectionately known as the father of the ATC? Is it:

HRH the Duke of Edinburgh.
Air Commodore Chamier.
Air Commodore Wills-Pope.
King George VI.
Air Cadet Quiz
Q1) When was the Air Training Corps formed?

Q3) Headquarters Air Cadets (HQAC) is where?

RAF St. Mawgan
RAFC Cranwell
RAF Lyneham
Wyvern Barracks
Q5) The ATC grew from an organisation called the:

Air Cadet Defence League.
Air Cadet Defence Corps.
Air Defence Cadet Corps.
Air Defence Cadet League.
Q6) The term Founder Squadron means that a Squadron (Sqn) was:

The first Sqn to be formed.
One of the first 50 Sqns to be formed.
One of the first 100 Sqns to be formed.
One of the first 200 Sqns to be formed.
1st April, 1918
2nd May, 1930
5th February, 1941
3rd March, 1940

Q8) Identify the correct ATC Badge.

Badge A
Badge B
Badge C
Badge D
Q9) Name the correct order of progression through the cadet rank structure. Pilot Officer, Flying Officer..etc.

Q10) What classification badge is shown in the image?

Leading Cadet
Master Air Cadet
Second Class Cadet
Senior Cadet
Q11) What does this badge represent?

Region Marksman
Wing Marksman
Cadet Hundred
Shooting Blues
Q12) What Officer rank insignia is in the image?
Pilot Officer
Flight Lieutenant
Wing Commander
Squadron Leader
Q13) Why do we salute?

Because the person holds a higher rank than you.
Because it makes the other person feel good.
To recognise the amount of training that an officer has endured.
To recognise a person in authority who holds the Queens Commission.

Q14) The motto for the Air Training Corps is what?

Venture Adventure
Per Ardua Ad Astra
Adventure Venture
Rise Above The Rest
What rank is this?
Bonus Question (4 Marks)
Name the Officer Rank Structure starting from Pilot Officer.
(Hint) There are 11
1m for 4
2m for 6
3m for 9
4m for 11
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