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genre- sports fiction

willie mays

will undershute

on 9 March 2011

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Transcript of genre- sports fiction

Genre- sports fiction Describe genre A book genre is a
particular class or type
of book im both non-fiction and Fiction Genre- sports fiction describe
genre a book genre is a
particular class
or type of book
either non-fiction or fiction Books that are nonfiction or true, are about real things, people, events, and places. books that are made up by the auther, or are
not true, are fiction other themes fantasy humour sports fiction Sports fiction is one of those genres that is unique and marketable. This genre of book would appeal to active, outdoorsy types of people. Sports fiction is appealing because it reflects our cultural experiences where all of the athletes learn that the raw base of sport is heart, may it be in the real game or on a pond or in or in your back yard and maybe in a field behind your household. Sports can be individual, or it can be played by a group. In sports, to be successful you need, discipline, endurance, and good sportsmanship. These books also teach cooperation and teamwork, and these books can even emphasize it. The new dominant themes are hockey, skating, riding, gymnastics, basketball, football, and baseball. Sports should be played by everyone, big or small, thin or rounded, and these books emphasize this. Take for example football players and how they thank God before their games. That’s what these books have the power to teach. Some of the recurring themes are sports, sportsmanship, courage, underdog, and defeat. Without a doubt these books are filled with meaning and good literature. Sports Fiction David Ritz
David Ritz was born in 1942 but I didn’t find out the date unfortunately. Some of his best work was with marvin gaye. Marvin Gaye was a musician, singer, songwriter, author. David ritz was awarded the Ralph j gleason award. Ritz also alleged that he cowrote gayes hitsexual healing. Did you know that jerry Jenkins real name is jerry Bruce Jenkins. he was born September 23 1949 in Kalamazoo, Michigan. he is an American novel writer and biographer. 16 of his books have reached the new York times bestsellers list. in 2005, Jenkins and Lahaye ranked 9th in amazons.com 10th anniversary hall of fame authors. Jerry Jenkins Jim Bouton
Jim Bouton was born march March 8 1939. did you know that Jim Bouton played in the MLB(major league baseball). his MLB debut April 22 1962 playing with the new York Yankees. in his MLB career he played for the new York Yankees, Seattle pilots, Houston Astros, Atlanta braves. his career highlights are the all star selection in 1963, world series selection in 1962 the same year he was a rookie. the last MLB appearance was on the September 29 1978 with the Atlanta braves. top 5 reocurring themes courage the quality of the mind or spirit that enables a person to face
difficulty. underdog a person who thinks a team is going to lose but they win. defeat to lose a game and try even harder next time sports an athletic activity sportsmanship a person who exhibits qualities highly regarded in athletic activity fairness
list of books and authors the greatest slump of all time david carkeet strike zone: a novel jim bouton playing for a kingdom dyja temporary insanity jay john stone double play robert b baker brittle innings micheal bishop seasons end tom grimes the rookie jerry jenkins prospect bill littlefeild the man who brought
the dodgers back to
brooklyn david ritz Jim Bouton and Eliot Asinof. Strike Zone. Sam Ward, oldest rookie in baseball, is going to pitch the Cubs' last season game, which will determine whether they will go to the playoffs. The oldest rookie pitcher is matched by the oldest rookie umpire, Ernie Kolacka, a man of enormous personal integrity, whose best friend is begging him to throw the game, because otherwise the gamblers he's in hock to will kill him. The novel is an inning by inning account of this last game; we take turns inside the heads of Ernie and Sam as they make their critical decisions.
jim bouton
strike zone: a novel Jerry Jenkins. The Rookie. A young boy trains himself to be an outstanding pitcher and hitter, and does such an outstanding job that he joins the Chicago Cubs at the age of 13. The boy's determined training regimen is shown in such admiring detail that this seems plausible. But he's still a kid, and a sad, abandoned one at that. Movingly described.
jerry jenkins
the rookie

David Ritz. The Man Who Brought the Dodgers Back to Brooklyn. The story of a boyhood friendship that matures as one of them buys the Dodgers and brings them back to their hometown, Brooklyn. The new owner, who caused the career-ending injury of his friend, puts him in charge of the revived Brooklyn Dodgers david ritz
the man who brought the
dodgers back to brooklyn comedy THE END BYE TEEHEE SEE YAH BRA book synopsys
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