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The Land of Stories

No description

Nosey Nosey

on 3 February 2014

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Transcript of The Land of Stories

The Land of Stories:
The Enchantress Returns
By: Chris Colfer

The theme of this book is power hungry.
The Enchantress, also known as Ezmia, wants to become the most powerful monarch in the Land of Stories and the Otherworld. The Enchantress is power hungry because of her past.
My 10 Examples
1) "For years the world presumed she was dead-her whereabouts were unknown and left unsaid. In the shadows she stayed, quietly plotting, a vengeful wrath she planned on igniting. Driven by rage and centuries of sorrows, a suppressed fear shall soon be tomorrow's. After failing to curse a princess's death, she's now set her sights on the world's last breath. ' Happily ever after' will be a thing of the past-for the evil Enchantress had returned at last...." (pg. 111)
My 10 Examples
2) "I reckon the Enchantress is taking over the world in style," the fox said. "She's doing it one kingdom at a time, showing the world that the Happily Ever After Assembly is no match for her. It's only a matter of time before she takes over the Dwarf Forests, too...and we must be prepared." (pg. 133)
My Real World Example
My real world example is Adolf Hitler. Hitler was involved in World War II (in Europe) and the Holocaust. Hitler didn't achieve full dictatorial power until he had Hindenburg killed in August 1934.
Hitler was elected chancellor in January 1933. During January 1933, the Germans that were against Nazism fought to keep Hitler from getting too much power but failed to get enough people to fight. Hitler took over the power soon after.

3) "Here me out before you disregard me entirely," he said. "Think about it: The reason we live in these parts is because none of us could fit in a Happily Ever After Assembly-regulated society. The Enchantress is going to change all of that; the world of fairies and man is over. If we show loyalty to her now, then when she takes over,
and she will take over
, she may spare us." (pg. 134)
"Yes," Mother Goose said. "Her name is Ezmia, and she has your
...." (pg. 111)
My 10 Examples
4) "As far as
knew, you were still one of them, too!" Rumpelstiltskin said. "I thought I was going to be the apprentice of a great fairy, not an Enchantress who was secretly plotting to take over the world." (pg. 148)
5) "What a clever play on words," Ezmia said mockingly. "You know that phrase
forgive and forget?
Well, I always disagreed with it-I found it impossible, actually. People would do me wrong and then
about me, as if their actions didn't matter-because
didn't matter. How was I supposed to
people like that? (pg. 209)
6) "Precisely," Ezmia said. "I found taking away their life force to be much more appealing than simply
. To forgive would be to allow them to continue living their lives, free of consequence. But by taking their souls and preventing them from all future happiness, I could heal and find peace. (pg. 209)
My 10 Examples
7) The trip down memory lane wasn't entirely for them, however. Telling her captives the stories of her former loves appeared to gradually rejuvenate her from her long night. She stood taller and her hair flowed more vigorously above her. The purple flames in Ezmia's fireplace even grew the more she reminisced. It was undeniable; the Enchantress was fueled by the pain of her past. (pg. 213)
My 10 Examples
8) "That's the moment that the fragile brokenhearted fairy inside of me died and the Enchantress was born. I decided from then on if the world was going to speak my name it would be whispered in fear than mocked with envy. If the world was going to take all the joy away from me, I would simply
take away all of the joy from the world.
" (pg. 217)
9) "Ezmia?" Rumpelstiltskin asked, carefully filtering any judgement in his tone. "Are you sure you'll ever find peace? Even after taking over the world, are you certain you'll be satisfied?"..."Silly Rumpy," Ezmia said with a laugh. "Who said I only wanted
(pg. 218)
My 10 Examples
10) Hagatha let out a long sigh. "To travel into the Otherworld you must first master the seven deadly sins of this world and conquer the past, present, and future," she said.
It was the most intense collecting spell the twins had ever heard of. "She has to master the seven deadly sins?" Alex asked.
"And conquer this world's past, present, and future?" Conner said. "How does someone do that?"
"Ezmia has spent a long time figuring it out, and unfortunately she's very close to completing it," Hagatha said.
"What are the seven deadly sins again?" Conner asked his sister.
Alex had to think about it. "Lust, envy, pride, greed, gluttony , sloth and wrath, I believe," she said. (pg. 437)
My Real World Example
Here are two videos:
My Real World Example
The Holocaust is also an historical time led by Hitler. The Holocaust was when Hitler wanted to get rid of all the Jews because he thought that all of "their problems" were because of the Jews. Hitler killed approximately 11 million people and 6 million were Jews.
I think that this is a good example of power hungry because he wanted power and the way that he thought he could earn power and support was to kill innocent people. He also tried to earn this support by blaming people who haven't even done anything wrong.
Harry Potter and the Deathly Hollows
Harry Potter and the Deathly Hollows and The Land of Stories: The Enchantress Returns both have power hungry as their theme. This is because
Voldemort and Ezmia both want to take over the world because something bad had happened in their past to make them feel angry enough to take over the world. Another thing is that Voldemort and Ezmia will do anything, at all costs, to get their way even if it includes killing or torturing other people. Plus, in both stories, there are good people trying to prevent the bad actions that Voldemort or Ezmia are making.
(The good wins in both stories too!)
My over all conclusion of The Land of Stories: The Enchantress Returns was impressed. I am impressed that Chris Colfer was able to tie up all the loose ends from The Land of Stories: The Wishing Spell and make an amazing second book.
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