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The Forces of the Universe

A simple overveiw of the four forces of the uuniverse and what they do. This is a Launguage Arts project.

Samuel Vallado

on 1 November 2012

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Transcript of The Forces of the Universe

By: Samuel Vallado The Four Forces of the Universe The force
Space-Time Fabric Gravity What now? So... Why do the planets stay in orbit? Very powerful
Very destructive Strong and Weak Nuclear Forces 2 volunteers
1 person stands in the center
The other stands next to them
The first person circles around the second person, getting closer each time until they collide Ending Strongest force
Even more so important then gravity Electromagnetism "Research Areas." Nsf.gov. National Science Foundation, 26 Feb. 2010. Web. 29 Aug. 2012. There is information on different applications of particle physics and quantum computers. A link to this website was in the schools links on the .pb works page, so it is credible.
Abdus, Salam "Research Areas." US NSF. National Science Foundation, Web. 30 Aug. 2012. This website has information on all 4 forces in general. It is credible because it was on the LMC website.
"The Present Theory of Fundamental Particles and Forces." PP Theory. Particle Physics Articles for Teachers, Web. 30 Aug. 2012. It has information on different particles and the different forces. There was a link from NASA to this website, and they approved of it. They were cited directly from an article in NASA's archives.
Vallado, David. “Fundamentals of Astrodynamics and Applications.” Microcosm Press, 2004. My dad’s book is used worldwide and relativity is part of his book. It is credible because he did his own research and he knows about astrodynamics. Works Cited Why? Why do our atoms stay together? Why do atoms decay? Gravity Weakest force
No effect on quantum level
Very controversial Theoretical particle from string theory
Impossible to find
Reason for weakness of gravity
Lots of controversy Original explanation for gravity
Trampoline-like Over-powers gravity insanely
Keeps all atoms in check
Much different range then other forces Reason for decay
Reason for all atoms to be held together
Radiation Causes explosions from radioactive materials
Splitting an atom releases the S.N.F. Think about the main points
Apply to your knowledge of physics What force does this represent? Any Questions? Next... Take a magnet
Put a paper clip on the ground
Hold the magnet over it
What happens?
Which force does this represent? Gravitons The Space-Time Fabric
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