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Most Dangerous Game

Rainsford the hunter is being hunted by one of the best hunters in the world.

Shivani Patel

on 12 December 2012

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Transcript of Most Dangerous Game

Catastrophe Cliffs Caribbean Sea While on the way to the Amazon to hunt Jaguars Rainsford falls off board and swims to the shores of a mysterious island. Malay Man Catcher Rainsford builds this thinking Zaroff will die, but Zaroff quickly moves out of the way avoiding the tree Death Swamp This is where Rainsford jumps
off the cliffs and swims back to
Zaroff's mansion where Zaroff
thinks Rainsford is dead Daniela Rivera,
Shivani Patel,
Tomas Cort General Zaroff's Chateau Burmese Tiger Pit Uganda Knife Trap Rainsford caught hold of a springy young sapling and to it he fastened his hunting knife, with the blade pointing down the trail. He left a scent on the end of the tree. The dogs came and triggered the trap, and instead of Zaroff dying Ivan died. Rainsford found his way after he fell off the boat and ended up in Zaroff's Chateau. He was later greeted surprisingly by Ivan and General Zaroff. Legend Rainsford's trail Coast Line Important Places Rainsford's trip in the sea after he jumps of Catastrophe Cliffs Ship Trap Island Not a very wise place to go according to General Zaroff, full of quicksand Rainsford made a trap to kill Rainsoford by digging a whole at Death Swamp and covering the top with leaves, so when Rainfsord comes he doesn't see anything suspicious. Instead the trap took Zaroff's best dogs. Land, jungle
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