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EDFD 589 Tutorial One

No description

Kim Rowston

on 20 February 2015

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Transcript of EDFD 589 Tutorial One

EDFD 589 Tutorial A
© Kim Rowston 2015

Introduction & Ice Breaker
The Future of education.
Regulatory bodies:
Australian Curriculum:
Assessment one Details:
reflective blog & twitter account
Be the reason that students
to Learn!


Bostes -
Board of Studies, Teaching & Educational Standards
NSW Institute of Teachers
National Professional Standards of Teachers.
- Australian institute for teaching and school leadership:
NSW public schools:
- Catholic Education Office, Sydney
Part a)
Reflective Blog
Part b)
Twitter Account.
Task Requirements:

Design and develop your own blog site using a web 2.0 application of your choice. The size of the site should be a minimum of three web pages:

An introduction and purpose:
Describe the purpose of the site; why you have created the content being housed.
A professional profile:
this is a page about you, e.g. your qualifications, teaching philosophy, etc.
Weekly critical reflection of your experiences in the classroom ( three).
This must be more than anecdotal; reference must be made to the readings and the theoretical content covered during the lectures and tutorials (approx 600 words each).
A reflection is normally written in first person and may use reflective, emotive and analytical language to show meaning.

Across the blog posts there must be reference made to:
Board of Studies, Teaching and Educational Standards (BOSTES)
National Professional Standards for Teachers http://www.nswteachers.nsw.edu.au/Main-Professional-Teaching-Standards/national-professional-standards-for-teachers/
One of which must be Standard 2 : Focus 2.6.1 Implement teaching strategies for using ICT to expand curriculum learning opportunities for students.

The blog will need to include the following ICT content:
Use of graphics
Effective hyperlinks and descriptions
Use of multimedia
Quality design and ease of navigation

The blog URL is to be entered into the Google doc in LEO by Friday Week 5, before 4pm.
As a means of establishing a community of practice, each of you will create a twitter account.
Your twitter account will enable you to undertake professional conversations with other educators;
will also be used to keep your peers informed of your teaching experiences,
allow them to offer support and advice and;
promote the sharing of educational resources and other tweets that may be of relevance.

Your twitter handle is to be entered into the Google doc in LEO by Monday Week 11, 4pm.

Assessment Criteria:
All tweets must end with the following hashtag #ACUedu_s
Original tweets must be made on a weekly (minimum) basis
Re-tweets must also be made on a weekly (minimum) basis
Dialogue between ACU community and wider twitter community

Note: See Appendix 1 for assessment rubric
Unit Structure |
5 x 2 hour TUTORIALS in the Semester
5 x 2 hour ICT TUTORIALS
Attendance at all scheduled lectures, tutorials, workshops is highly recommended.
D-A-W school visits are compulsory
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