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Climate Analysis of Medellin, Colombia

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Habiba Kabbaj

on 8 May 2015

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Transcript of Climate Analysis of Medellin, Colombia

By: Habiba Kabbaj

Climate Analysis of Medellin, Colombia
The climate region is Rainy Tropical, which is part of the tropical temperate zone.

The Climate:
It is a tropical climate. It is usually located in Central Africa, South America, and Southeast Asia. There is in no dry season and mostly precipitation. There are only two seasons: summer and winter. It is usually a wet type of climate.

Cause of the climate:
The climate is usually very humid because of all the rainfall. These climates are usually found near the equator, so there is more sunlight hitting the areas. The sunlight warms up the water which evaporates and turns into a lot of precipitation.

Medellín is inland of Colombia . It is located in the Aburrá Valley, a region in the Andes Mountains of South America.

Medellin, Colombia
During April 26-30
Weather Data
Climate Graph
Climate Region
Plants and Animals

Bengal bamboo
Coconut tree


Bengal Tiger
Dawn bat
King cobra
Linn’s sloth

Seasonal Storms
Medellin, Colombia is known for having Tropical storms, Tropical Depression, and hurricanes. Colombia itself has a 1 to 5% chance of having a hurricane at any given time throughout the year. In December 4, 2003 “Tropical Storm Odette” produced rainfall up to 8 inches (200 mm). Furthermore, In July 24 through 27 1996, “Hurricane Cesar” flooded and killed 11 people in Colombia.

These types of storms happen because the storms are usually formed in the North Atlantic Ocean. Because of the equator, not a lot of them have affected Colombia over the years. As one can see, condition in the north are very hostile and is rarely affected by storms and other disturbances in the atmosphere.

Tropical Depression:
When a low pressure area is hit by thunderstorms that make circular wind flow with sustained winds usually below 39 miles per hour.

Culture Study: Climate Region
Climate Region: Colombia is currently in a rainy summer season. The temperatures are very hot, yet humid and wet at the same time. The Country only has 2 seasons: summer and winter.

Bengal bamboo
Coconut tree

Animals and Adaptations:
Toucans: adapted by having long large bill. It allows it to reach food on branches that are too small for the bird’s weight.
Sloth: Behavioral and camouflage adaptation. It uses camouflage to survive since it moves very slowly.The Blue-green algae grows on its back that gives him a green Camouflage look, that makes it difficult for the predators to spot.

How do The Plants Adapt to the environment
: In Trees for example, they have adapted to have their roots in the ground and being able to climb high to reach the available sunlight. Furthermore, most trees have thin barks to make it difficult for other plants to grow there. As one can see, the leaves too, adapted, they have dip tips to make the water run off quickly, because with this rainy tropical climate, fungus and bacteria can form quickly.

Culture Study: Micro climate
Microclimate: The Microclimate is usually hot, but in May it is humid and wet too. The highest temperature is 30ºC and the lowest is 15ºC (Average Monthly) The average precipitation monthly, is 150 mm, and the average humidity Monthly isn’t lower than 60%.

Factors affect the temperature:
Its location near the equator
The altitude
Factors that affect the precipitation:
Cold ocean currents

Culture Study
Afro-Colombian people are Colombians of African-descent. This ethnic group makes up 6.5% of the population in Medellin.

Types of Clothing:
Since the climate is very hot, yet humid too, it is advised of wearing light pants and t-shirts. The colors are derived from the flag and the material they use is very light because the weather is so warm.

Afro-colombians are very affected by the government because they want their housing location for economic and military interest. Since it is hot there are a lot of windows. Most of them are poor, so they live in huts. Most of them are made with trash that they found. Other ethnic groups that have money, live in typical houses with open windows because it is very hot, although it can also be isolated because it is humid too.

There are no customs that they do based on the climate.
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Air Pressure:
Pressure exerted by air.

the consistency measured by the quantity of mass.

high water vapor in the atmosphere.

Having little to no rain, very dry climate.

Heavy rainfall, wet climate.

Rain Forest:
Forests where heavy rainfall fall occur each year.

A disturbance in the atmosphere with strong winds and rain.
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