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Summer 2013 HartCzech

No description

Amy Hartman

on 5 September 2013

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Transcript of Summer 2013 HartCzech

Summer 2013 HartCzech
Main Idea
So, this is a new way to communicate to our support team! It's kinda fun, keeps your attention, and entertaining. Although, we're not out to entertain you, we are interested in keeping your attention. We're excited about what God did this summer, what's about to kick-off this fall, and what we're preparing for now. So, come along, and "czech" it out.
What's ahead.
As we look ahead, we've identified 5 key areas of significant involvement and we're excited.
That's it!
You've seen what's behind us and now you've seen what's ahead. In the meantime, we're just about to send our kids off to school and basketball as they are officially, part of the Pisek Hornets.
Summer Camps
After moving in June, we jumped right into Summer ministry with Elim church in Pisek. While camp over here, is well . . . . challenging (for this mom), it's also so very good. This year, we participated in 3 camps in Pisek. First, we sent our oldest three to Basketball camp. This was a great start to Pisek for us, because our kids began forging friendships and enjoyed watching their new friends hear about the gospel for the first time.
English Camp
Next we headed off to Pisek's English Camp where we got to be a part of the journey of 4 students who came to know Christ at camp!! We taught some English, led some worship, and made some new friends. Which led us to . . .
Summer Follow-up!
Follow up! This is so important for these new believers and unsaved students. We like to be a place where kids can hang out, feel comfortable, and hear more about Jesus. And so that's what we're trying to create.
We took a weekend away and went to Legoland in Germany to celebrate Hannah and Caden. And just for the fun of it, we drove another 2 hours and hit the Alpine Slide in the Austrian Alps. It was just as amazing as it sounds! We were excited to celebrate our kids' birthdays at these locations, especially because they hadn't made many friends yet here in Pisek and a party would of been, well, few in number. Although, don't feel too sorry for them because the most anticipated event of the summer was just about to arrive . . .
JV Kids Camp!!!
Our kids live for this camp!!! And this is one reason why we love JV. They spend a week investing in our kids, encouraging them, and equipping them for the year. We love this. And our kids love it. And just to make it sweeter, a board member paid for all the JVK to attend camp! What a double blessing! As we dropped our older 3 off, we headed off to . . . .
We took this week for our "real" vacation and hung out with some good friends in the Julian Alps. It was beautiful, remote, and quiet in these hills - even with Hayes! It was a refreshing break from the grind of ministry and we're glad we got away. We came back prepared to discuss . . .
Matt is planning on preaching every 6 weeks at Elim church, in addition to joining the elders in their weekly meetings. So excited to be a part of this inner circle as we move forward here in Pisek. In addition to this circle . . .
Student Ministry
. . . we are beginning to disciple the student ministry leadership team. They have no model and need guidance as they move forward. We're going to help them form their team, disciple them, and Lord willing, better equip them to engage students with the gospel. The people on this leadership team . . . .
. . . also need to be discipled. So, we're heading down this road with goals that these leaders begin their own growth groups by the end of the school year. That's exciting because . . . .
Reach OUT
. . . we would like to move into more evangelistic ministry out of our home. We're praying about starting a group like this where these students could feed into the new growth groups at the end of the year.
Now, we know this seems like a lot. We're aware. But, several of these areas overlap. Those leaders in the youth ministry, are some of the same young adults that fall into discipleship, and they also land here too. 20+ ministry. We'll be involved here, although we're still defining our roles in this ministry too.
Thank you!
As always, we never want to take you for granted. Thank you for your support. For your prayers. And for your interest in what God is doing over here. We are thankful to be in partnership with you.
Read more about us:
Mail us a letter:
Matt and Amy Hartman
Jiřiho Srnky 2349
39701 Písek
Czech Republic
Prayer Requests:
1. Insight and courage to help guide healthy growth and gospel ministry.
2. Pray for believers in Pisek to hunger for growth in Christ and desire to invest in helping others grow.
3. Pray for more relationships to develop with folks outside the church as we begin school and sports.

20+ Camp
Shortly after, we joined forces with Elim church and went to their first discipleship camp for young adults (older than 20). This camp was all about discipleship. This is soooo important because many people here are 1st generation believers with NO support at home. They are truly walking a road less traveled and feeling it everyday.

Phew! That's a lot of camps leaving us tired and in need of a . . . .
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