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The Southern Colonies.

No description

Angel Munos

on 18 October 2012

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Transcript of The Southern Colonies.

The Southern Colonies Virginia Georgia. The Carolinas Founding, Founders, and Purpose for settlement Geography and Types
of government. Economic Endeavors and Arts Founder: Group of Proprietors Geography: mountains, hills. Chesapeake Bay.
Types of Government: proprietary colony. Constitutional monarchy. Economic Endeavors: Rice, indigo, other cash crops.
Cultural Arts: Skillful Events, People, and Culture Significant Events/People: Spain defeated, gave up Georgia in 1738. Geography and Types
of government. Geography: forests, mountains, flat land, rivers, swamps.

Types of Government: proprietary colony. 1752 royal colony. People elected an assembly. Economic Endeavors Agricultural work and cash crops Founding, Founders, and purpose for settlement Founder: James Oglethorpe
Founding: 1733, James and 21 other men created a Charter to settle a new colony. It was a place for tailors, bakers, carpenters, merchants and farmers.
Purpose: Debtor colony. Founding, Founders, and Purpose for settlement. Founder: John Smith.
Founding: 1607, Wanted to help in colonial extension
Purpose: Trade and profits with England. Endeavors and Issues. Economic Endeavors: Mostly tobacco
Issues: African slaves made up the largest ethnic group. Geography and Types
of government. Geography: tide water, mountains
Types of Government: Governed by the people,
limited power. Created the first House of Burgesses. Founding: Nobles were sent by the king to settle a place south of Virginia, they found Carolina. Wiliam Sayle Geography and
Types of government Maryland Founder: George Calvert
Founding: June 30, 1632 the charter of Maryland was confirmed and published (received by the founder's son)
Purpose: It was a place for Catholics to escape persecution in England. Founding, Founders, and Purpose for settlement Geography: mountains, plains, rivers.

Types of Government: proprietary colony royal colony. Democratic government. Economic Endeavors. Significant Events/People:
Bacon’s Rebellion
Culture Arts: Colonies > Anglican
Public schools. Events, People and Culture shipbuilding, iron works, corn, wheat, rice, indigo. The Southern Colonies Our land is great for growing crops, the most profitable being tobacco. We're hardworking, and with all of the hands that we have on each plantation, we're sure to make a profit. You'll make back your investment - and more! - in no time. Why invest? Religion While we're not as focused on religion as the northern colonies, the majority of our people are of Anglican faith. With this many people practicing the same religion, you know that you're money will be going to people who have the same goals and morals. Government Our government is a self-government. We do everything ourselves, and we've been very successful. By investing in us, you'll be investing in a government that is guaranteed to succeed. The proof is in the profits!
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