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103lab Day3

No description

Bruce Mercer

on 28 August 2013

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Transcript of 103lab Day3

About this Course!
Computer Literacy
Review: Start/All Programs/Google Chrome/Chrome Chrome (Launch Browser)
Review: the most
important rules
for this classroom
Day 3
About 308 Today
Right Side Panel Sections
Rules and procedures
A typical day
Feedback in this class is very important!
Review and Warmup
4 parts
Short list of things
we will do that day
Help links and information that
go with the day's assignments
Something to see or do if you
finish ahead of the others
Each section is
numbered from
1 to 17 to help
you find links
Here are the links
to your accounts
Here's how
grading works
I use lots of forms
to help me track
of when things happen
Please don't click submit
I tell you
that you may leave
the classroom!
Let's go through today's materials on the site:
Very cool colors, shadows and
use of the 'launcher'!!!
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