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Fetus Rights VS. Mother's Rights

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Stephanie Dick

on 30 March 2015

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Transcript of Fetus Rights VS. Mother's Rights

Fetus Rights VS. Mother's Rights
Abortion = Murder of human life!

"Basics of Biology" 5 Characteristics of Life
1) Living thing are highly organized

2)All living things have the ability to respond to their environment

3) All living things have as ability to acquire materials and energy

4) All living things have an ability to reproduce

5) All living things have an ability to adapt
Pro- Choice
Belief that abortion should be a choice between a woman and her doctor
Does not mean Pro- Abortion
Defend the right for women to choose what she wants to do with her body
Supports: "Preventing unwanted pregnancies, reducing abortions, promoting contraceptives, education youth and women, and ensuring that families have resources to raise healthy families.
Cases of Conflicts: mother vs fetus
Special Social Perspectives: Religious Values and Women's values
Why We Chose This Topic
This topic is hotly debated by many individuals. Pro- Choice vs. Pro-Life.
Does a fetus have rights?
Should a fetus have rights?
To better understand other countries laws and ethics on abortion.
Protests about abortion happens every year across Canada.
Canada vs United States
In Canada:
In 2010, the latest year on record, 64,641 abortions were performed on Canadian women as reported by hospitals and clinics.
In United States
In 2011, approximately 1.06 million abortions took place in the U.S., down from an estimated 1.21 million abortions in 2008
Chinese data show that 13 million abortions are performed each year, for an average rate of 35,000 abortions per day
One-Child Policy
pregnancy with a second child and any pregnancy without a birth permit is considered "out-of-plan" and therefore illegal
Ethical Debate
Abortion in Canada
Is it legal to have an abortion?
How late in a pregnancy can abortion be done?
When does human life begin?
The moral status of the fetus
Is the fetus a person? At what stage in its development does it becomes a person? Conception? 1st trimester? Birth?
The rights of the pregnant woman
Does the pregnant woman have the right to decide if she is going to carry the baby to term or not?

Canadian History Regarding Fetus Rights
1892: Abortion prohibited along with the sale, distribution and advertising of contraceptives
1969: Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau decriminalizes contraceptives and allows abortion under certain circumstances.
1969: Abortion activist Dr. Morgentaler breaks the law by opening the first abortion clinic.

Canadian History Regarding Fetus rights Con't
Canada enacts the Charter of Rights and Freedom.
The Supreme Court of Canada states that the Abortion Law is unconstitutional and abortion becomes legal.
Father has no legal right to say that a woman can't get an abortion.
Where we are today!
What is Abortion
Spontaneous Abortion
(or miscarriages) refer to the loss of a fetus due to natural causes before 20 weeks of pregnancy (not due to human intervention)
Surgical Abortion:
Termination of a pregnancy through surgical tools. ( Examples: surgical aspiration, vacuum abortion, etc).
Medical Abortion:
Termination of a pregnancy through pharmacological means. ( Examples: methotrexate, misoprostol, ect).

Surgical Abortions
Understand the Ethics
Pro-Life Vs Pro- Choice
The belief that a newborn has a right to life, abortion should be illegal.

Supporting the right of a woman to decided whether or not to have an abortion.
" By all the criteria of modern molecular biology, life is present from the moment of conception." Dr. Hymie Gordon, Chairman, Department of Genetics at the Mayo Clinic
A Baby's heart starts to form around 5 weeks
Nobody should have a right to tear a fetus's body into pieces.
Effects on the Mother:
Emotional Effects of Abortion
Guilty feeling
Sense of loneliness
Relationship issues
Every woman will have a different experience!
160 times more likely to be admitted to a hospital for psychiatric treatment than women who gave birth following birth or abortion (Elliot Institute, 2011).
Physical Effects of Abortion
Nausea and Vomiting
Alcohol use
Eating Disorder
Sexual dysfunction
Suicidal Thoughts
Infection if surgical abortion.
Social Effect of Abortion
Does partner agree with decision?
Will you be judged by others, community, family and friends?
Negative Effects of Being denied an Abortion
Domestic Violence
Emotional Effects of Being Denied an Abortion
67% of women denied abortion still wish they would have had the right to chose abortion.
Way more
than women who were allowed to get an abortion.
Domestic Violence If Denied Abortion
More likely to stay in an abusive relationship
In the last 6 months 7% reported domentic violence ( compared to the 3% in the women who had abortions.
More likely to stay connected with the abusive father.
Poverty in Women Denied Abortion
Women are statistically more likely to end up " unemployed, on public assistance, and below the poverty line" (Foster, 2012).
45% on public assistance
67% under the poverty line
One of the main reasons that women want to abort is based on money!
Social Isolation?
"Nurses provide care directed first and foremost toward the health and well-being of the person, family or community in their care "(CNA, 2008 p.10).
Promoting Justice
Promoting Health and Well Being
"Nurses do not engage in any form of lying, punishment or torture or any form of unusual treatment or action that is inhumane or degrading. They refuse to be complicit in such behaviours. They intervene, and they report such behaviours" (CNA, 2008 p.17).
CRNBC Professional
Knowledge Based Practice
"Sets client-centered priorities when planning and providing care" (CRNBC, 2014, p.11).
Ethical Practice
"Makes the client the primary concern in providing nursing care" (CRNBC, 2014, p. 18).
"Working with individuals, families, groups, populations and communities to expand the range of health-care choices available, recognizing that some people have limited choices because of social, economic, geographic or other factors that lead to inequities" (CNA, 2008, p. 20
Ethical Endeavours
Nurses respect the informed decision-making of capable persons, including choice of lifestyles or treatment not conducive to good health (CNA, 2008, p. 12).
Promoting and Respecting Informed Decision Making
CRNBC Professional Standards
Ethical Practice
"Recognizes, respects and promotes the client’s right to be informed and make informed choices" (CRNBC, 2014 p. 18)
History Of Abortion
Moral Philosophy: Immanuel Kant & Jeremy Bentham
History of Abortion
nurses are involved in many aspects of caring for women seeking, undergoing, and recovering from abortions
: general health screenings, counseling or educating women on pregnancy options and abortion procedures,facilitating decision making, and processing paper work such as consent forms
medical abortions
: may administer physician-prescribed abortifacient pharmaceuticals to women and provide them with appropriate medication education
surgical abortion procedures or medically induced labors
: attend to patients’ medical needs and be on guard for potential problems
Nursing Perspectives
nurses are additional practitioners from whom women are entitled to receive quality abortion care
" I want to provide the best care possible to my clients, but how can I support them in a decision with which I disagree?" A pro-life nursing student
Although personal beliefs are appropriate guide to personal decision making, they are inappropriate guides to professional practice
Be aware of personal
beliefs and biases
personal attributes that influence perspectives :
moral/ethical beliefs, religious affiliation or level of religious observance, previous experience with abortion work, and previous experience with grief and loss
nurses’ abortion work is a constant struggle between “attitudes towards” abortion and available ways of “coping with” clinical realities
abortion work can be emotionally distressing to many nurses, which, in addition to harming nurses, can also influence patient care (self-care is key)
women who underwent medical and surgical abortions described both positive and negative experiences with staff:
“supportive,positive and informative, cold, negative and ignorant, inducing feelings of shame,sadness, loneliness and uncertainty”
Abortion is legal upon request in both Canada and the United States, but the right to abortion has very different foundations in the two countries.
United Nations:
Abortion Policy
in Canada
Grounds on which abortion is permitted

To save the life of the woman: Yes
To preserve physical health: Yes
To preserve mental health: Yes
Rape or incest: Yes
Foetal impairment: Yes
Economic or social reasons: Yes
Available on request: Yes

Philosophical and Ethical
Difficult Cases
Right to life?
Abortion in self-defense
Disability in the fetus
Moral Personhood
Future like ours
Responsibility of the mother
Moral certainty
Policy we would like to see..
1. After an abortion Abortion Class
(Discusses the emotional/physical/ mental effects of an abortion. Teach the importance of contraceptive use and how to use them properly)
Get Ready To Debate!
1. Providing safe, compassionate, and ethical care
2. Promoting health and well being
3. Promoting and respecting informed decision making
4. Preserving dignity
5. Maintaining privacy and confidentiality
6. Promoting justice
7. Being accountable

The older the mother is the more likely that she will have a miscarriage.
By: Jassie, Aman, & Stephanie
Arguments against abortion
Killing people is wrong
A fetus is a person
Killing potential people is wrong
Killing beings with "future like ours" is wrong
Causing pain is wrong
Increasing tolerance of killing is wrong
Arguments in favour of abortion (in selected cases)
The fetus is not necessarily a 'person' with the right to live
It is not always wrong to end the life of an innocent person
'Potential human beings' don't have rights
The pregnant woman has moral rights too
Woman dies after abortion request 'refused' at Galway Hospital.
Sex-selective abortion: India
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