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Keys to a Standout Resume

No description

Jenniqual Johnson

on 28 January 2016

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Transcript of Keys to a Standout Resume

Creating a Great Resume
Industry Tailored
Working phone number and email
Keyword Usage
Bulleted List
Continuous Formatting


Mistakes to Avoid
Creation Avenues
Microsoft Word
Online Template
Career Services
Resume Creation Services
Website Applications
Important Hints
Never write under pressure
Industry Specific
Break long passages into bullet points
Avoid hard-to-read fonts
Use reverse chronology
Getting Started
Never create a resume under pressure
Gather work history, to include:
employer locations
descriptions of work performed
supervisor's names and number
Be sure to have reliable contact information for any one listed on your resume
Keys to a Standout Resume
Thank you!
Distracting visuals
Pictures/ Head shots
Inappropriate email address
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