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Agay Ehem

on 20 February 2013

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Transcript of Copy of Untitled Prezi

RECOMMENDATIONS LEARNINGS COMPANY PROFILE NORKIS GROUP OF COMPANIES To the fellow aspirants who would take this same road as we did, In whatever you do, work on it with your best and be focused.

Proper attitude and disposition is what it takes to measure how far you want to learn and achieve. Your experience may be like someone else’s but remember- Every meaningful experience is worth sharing.

Apply what you have learned and always aim towards excellence.

In totality, there is no stopping when it comes to learning. It is a continuous process that is dependent on a person’s willingness to grasp new knowledge or reestablish previous ideas learned. We recommend that the company/trainee do an agreement abstract of activities to be done for the entire duration of the training. This is to ensure that the trainee would learn as much as he can. We also recommend that there should be a monthly rotation of the student trainees from the same company to keep the trainees from doing repetitive work.

We also suggest that the companies accredited for practicum be updated since some are already not accepting and hope that companies accepting trainees give timely notice of acceptance to their applicants. This is only to avoid a late start for trainees on their practicum program because of waiting for the notice of acceptance from the companies they are applying.

Forty-nine years ago, a young couple started out with meager capital and limited business experience but with clear vision and a lot of entrepreneurial spirit.

Norberto B. Quisumbing, Jr., and his wife, Britta Bartolome-Quisumbing, clinched in 1962 the Philippines' exclusive manufacturing and distributorship of Yamaha motorcycles and nurtured the business to become one of the longest business partnerships Yamaha Motor Co., Ltd., of Japan has around the world. Starting out with a five-man team, the couple divided the work in the newly-organized Norkis Trading Co., Inc. in Cebu. They worked hard and kept faith in each other's capabilities. Under Britta's eagle eyes, the past 49 years has always been profitable for Norkis.

NQJr. has all the reasons to be proud. "Our business grew and we have made significant contributions in the economic development of the communities where we operate. We achieved all of these despite the economic downturns and without any special perks or accommodations from the government," he says. Our definition of learning is quite relative. Rhetorical as it may sound and based on our countless observations, some grasp it through basic interactions; others on one hand get hold of it through readings; while ours was through experience. A lot has transpired. Time passed but memories stay eternal.
From all the tasks we've seperately done, we had that one common "first experience", the checking of Official Receipts. We had to make sure that there was timely deposit, that the figures on the journal entries were faithfully represented. We had to adjust when disparities arise.

We were made to compute the ledger account Output Tax for the 50 branches plus the home office. We cleared undeposited collections using MS Excel. We summarized sales invoice coming from the different branches of Norkis. We take the unfiled receipts and arrange them in descending order. An innovator in multi-purpose, affordable vehicles, the Norkis family shares every Filipino to have a vehicle of his own so he can be the master of his own time. The Norkis Group's 34 companies are grouped into three: Norkis Holdings, Summa, and Eagle. The Norkis Group exports furniture and metal crates.

It has agribusiness ventures in Cebu, Bukidnon, Batangas and Masbate. It has produced and sold over a million units of Yamaha motorcycles, which continue to enjoy strong market demand. Today, Norkis is one of Cebu's leading tax payers. For a good number of years, Norkis has been recognized by the Bureau of Customs as the top importer of the Port of Cebu. Norkis' highly diversified operations have over 5,000 employees with aggreagate payroll, benefits and incentives of about P60 million a month. Aside from that, the computer-related work that we did was the use of Systems, Applications and Products in Data Processing (SAP). The SAP made the rigorous manual reconciliation a whole lot easier. In just about ten minutes, one can already reconcile and post the values to their specific account titles.

We learned to be very keen and attentive to each amount of the transactions, to learn from our mistakes, to always think on our feet and not fall prey to the boredom that comes with the job.

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