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Ms. Mc Caffrey

on 12 March 2015

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Transcript of Law

Aim: To revise the concept of Law
Types of Law
Civil Law
International Law
Can you name the two buildings?
People involved in the law
A rule is a statement of how people should behave.
A law is a rule for a community. Everyone in the community must obey the law and there are punishments for those who break them.
What is the difference between a rule and a law?
Why do we have laws?
Protect human rights.
Civil law deals with a person's relationships or disputes with other people or groups of people. It deals with laws that relate to employment the consumer and adoption.
Criminal Law
Criminal law deals with a persons relationship with society and the state. Fines and imprisonment are the two most common types of punishment used in Ireland.
Is this a civil or criminal case?
There are two main reasons why we have prisons.
To punish those who are found guilty of a crime
To try to rehabilitate criminals so that they will not commit a crime again when released.
There are eight main prisons in Ireland, they are all closed prisons.
As citizens of the world international law must be obeyed. International law deals with laws between countries such as trade disputes or human rights crimes.
The International Court of Justice is the main body of law of the UN. It settles disputes between states. There are 15 judges in this court.
The Interantional Criminal Court deals wih people accussed of committing crimes against humanity.

War crimes are crimes committed suring a time of war.
Crimes against humanity are usually committedagainst people in a time of war between countries for racial or religious reasons.
Young People and the Law
At what age must you attend school?

At what age can you get a provisional license?

At what age can you vote?

At what age are you legally no longer a child?
Consumer Law
These laws set out what we as buyers and the users of services are entitled to expect. They also outline what the people who sell goods and services are entitled to.
The office of the Ombudsman investigates complaints made about public bodies.

The Consumer Association of Ireland was set up to protect consumer interests and inform consumers of the law.
Wednesday 18th March
Repeat Detention
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